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Visa Information

Visa Information


Montenegro, located on the southwestern part of the Balkans in Europe, fascinates travelers with its blended climate and nature of the Alpine-like mountains and Mediterranean beaches. See our Montenegro Visa Guide for all details of the visa policy.

Do I need a Visa to Travel to Montenegro?

Montenegro visa policy depends on the nationality of the passport holders and their stay duration. A long list of passports are visa free for short-term visits. Business visits require a consular visa application.

Visa Exemption

A wide range of nationalities are not required to obtain a visa regarding bilateral laws. The largest group includes 72 countries. You don’t need a visa to visit Montenegro if you have a valid passport from the list below. Remember that your stay shouldn't be longer than 90 days within a 180-day period.

  • Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom
  • El Salvador, Saint Lucia, Honduras, Andorra, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Antigua, Barbuda, Argentina, Brazil, Barbados, Bahamas, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Paraguay, Dominica, Panama, Grenada, Venezuela,
  • Azerbaijan, Georgia,, Israel, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar
  • Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Brunei, Macau, Malaysia
  • Iceland, Malta, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine
  • Seychelles, Mauritius, Timor-Leste, Macau, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, Vanuatu

Montenegro visa policy allows a shorter list of nationalities to travel visa-free if the stay is up to 30 days:

  • European Union countries, Serbia, Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Kazakhstan

If you are the citizen of below-listed countries, you can visit Montenegro just with your ID card / biometric ID card.

  • Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia

The last group includes the nationals who serve in diplomatic missions. Diplomatic and service passport holders of these countries are also allowed to travel visa-free to Montenegro:

  • China, Indonesia, Mongolia, North Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Iran, Armenia, Egypt, Guinea, Morocco, Zimbabwe

Is Montenegro a Schengen Country?

Montenegro, still being a candidate for EU accession, is out of the Schengen visa zone. However, if you have a Schengen visa, which has not expired before your travel to Montenegro, you will be allowed to enter the country.

Montenegro Visa Types

Montenegro visa lets foreigners enter, stay and transit through the territory by international laws. Montenegro visa requirements vary according to the duration and purpose of stay. Short-term and long-term stays may differ for temporary and permanent residence needs. There are four types of Montenegro visa:

Visa Type A

Airport transit visa is issued when transit is needed at an international airport transit area within three months. This is usually related to security regulations. Normally, flight passengers who don’t leave the international transit area between their flights are not required to have a transit visa.

Visa Type B

Transit visa is issued as an individual or collective visa if the foreigner is permitted to enter the ultimate destination state. Montenegro transit visa lets foreigners go through the country within a maximum of 5 days before leaving the borders. Transit visa is issued for up to 6 months. Collective visa is possible with a group passport, not to exceed 30-day stay.

Visa Type C

Short stay visa is required from individuals who visit Montenegro for touristic, business or personal purposes. Visa C may allow multiple entries but the total duration of stay should not exceed 90 days in 6 months.

Visa Type D

Long stay visa, also known as business visa, is granted to foreigners who would visit and stay in Montenegro for non-touristic purposes. Long-stay visa allows multiple entries for a stay if it lasts over 90 days but less than 180 days in a year. For business and settlement purposes, after getting visa D, you should proceed with residence permit procedures. Long-term visa is issued with any of the purposes below:.

  • Business cooperation and foreign investment
  • Diplomatic and official services
  • Employment and work
  • Seasonal work
  • Student exchange and youth programme participation
  • Secondary education
  • Professional training
  • Scientific research
  • Medical treatment
  • Family reunification
  • Humanitarian and internationally legitimized work

General Requirements to Apply for a Montenegro Visa

If you are planning to stay for more than 90 days within six months in the country, you need to apply for a Montenegro visa in the defined way. You are also asked to have a valid passport. If you are traveling from a country which has no visa exemption, then you need to prepare all the required visa application documents stated below.

Required Documents to Apply for a Montenegro Visa

Required documents for Montenegro visa application is common for all visa types, with an exception of items 7,8 and 10, which are required for type C and D visas. See additional documents required by different groups under subheadings.

  1. 35 X 45 mm size color photo
  2. Travel document (e.g. passport) that is valid 3 months after the visa expiration date
  3. Copy of residence permit, validity should be three months later than visa
  4. Proof of travel health insurance which is valid during the whole stay in Montenegro
  5. Return ticket proving your intent to go back to your country of residence
  6. Proof of secured entry to your destination country with accommodation booking info
  7. Proof of the purpose of stay in Montenegro such as a letter of invitation or sponsorship
  8. Proof of cash, bank account statement to prove you have financial capability to afford stay
  9. Proof of visa fee payment
  10. Proof of accommodation in Montenegro, e.g. paid booking confirmation, apartment rental deposit
  11. Fully completed application form

Self-Employed and Company Owners

In addition to items 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9,10 and 11, self-employed and company owner individuals may be asked to show their entities’ financial statements and investment plans in Montenegro as an additional item to type D documents.

Unemployed and Retirees

In addition to items 1,2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9,10 and 11, unemployed and retired people will be asked to submit sponsor letters. The content and format is explained under the Sponsor Letter section.


For visa type C and D, employees of a public or private organization are additionally required to show a sponsor letter. The letter may be an official invitation letter sent by a Montenegrin institution or a grantee to show the dates and purpose of the visit.

What is Visa Sponsorship for Montenegro?

For long and short-stay visits, Montenegro visa policy asks applicants to show their intentions clearly and prove that their financial capacity is sufficient to afford the stay. A sponsor letter can be in the format of an invitation letter from a legal entity - e.g. visa letter from a university, research grant or project / conference organizer, an appointment letter. For family purposes, a sponsor letter from a family member may be sufficient. In each case, a sponsor letter should be acknowledged to the relevant Embassy, stating the full name and surname of the visa applicant, the dates and duration of stay, the terms of sponsorship, the name / address of the sponsor and the financial frame of the sponsorship, how it will cover the applicant’s living costs. The letter should be signed and stamped by the sponsor.

Montenegro Visa Application Centers

You should get an appointment from the nearest Montenegro Visa Application Center at the nearest Consulate or Embassy. If there is no consulate in your country of residence, check the nearest visa center in a neighboring country. You should personally submit your visa application to the consulate where you get the appointment. In addition, there may be some companies which help you design your application in the most suitable way to get a Montenegro visa. Remember that they do not issue your visa but let you go through the relevant procedures.

How to Get an Appointment for a Montenegro Visa?

You can get an appointment at the Embassy of Montenegro either by a phone call or email. After getting an appointment, you should proceed with the steps defined below.

Visa Application Procedures

Montenegro visa policy makes you go through specific stages to apply and get a response. Here are the steps you should proceed:

  • Prepare your proof documents including your spouse and children if it is the case.
  • Get an appointment from the nearest Embassy or the Consulate
  • Visit the visa application center at the Consulate on the appointed date and time with proof documents in hand.
  • Fill in the Montenegro Visa Application Form. Print it out and sign.
  • Complete the visa fee payment.
  • Submit your application and wait for the official response.

Montenegro Visa Fees

Visa application fee varies for visa A, B, C and D schemes. Visa A - Airport transit visa - 35 Euros Visa B - Transit visa - 35 Euros Visa C - Short stay visa - 50 Euros Visa D - Long-stay visa - 150 Euros While making your visa appointment, check the latest visa fees announced by Montenegro officials.

Montenegro Visa Tracking

Visa submission is possible only physically at the embassy. Short-stay and long-stay visa processing time is about 14 days, depending on the workload at the application center. It is expected that you will have a notification of approval or rejection 14 days after your submission. Book your cheap Podgorica flight by calculating the visa process time.

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