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Best Flight Deals to Corlu - Tekirdag


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Airport of arrival: Tekirdag-Corlu Ataturk Airport
Flight time from Ankara to Tekirdağ-Çorlu: 1 hour 15 minutes

Corlu is the largest and most developed district of Tekirdag. Industrial maintenance of Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli, as well as developed in the big cities of Çorlu 'a large part of the local people are working in the field of agriculture and agriculture. Çorlu, one of the most popular holiday resorts of the Thrace region, is a very peaceful city and has been an important bridge point from the ancient Greek civilizations to the Ottoman Empire and the present. Corlu, which has a very quiet life, is developing with the investments made in tourism. You can easily find flight tickets at affordable prices to Tekirdag-Corlu all year round.

Tekirdag-Corlu is an important industrial city in the Marmara region, closest to Istanbul. There are many direct flights to Tekirdag-Corlu departing from Ankara Esenboga Airport which is connected through various domestic flights to different cities within Türkiye and  different cities all over the world. You can book your ticket in advance plan a holiday and find cheap flights from Ankara Esenboga Airport to Tekirdag-Corlu Airport.

You can book your ticket in advance to benefit from seasonal promotions offered by Pegasus Airlines.

About the Airport

Tekirdag-Corlu Ataturk Airport is located 10.5 km east of the city center.

Tekirdag-Corlu Ataturk Airport

Tekirdag-Corlu Ataturk Airport, which started operations in the field of civil aviation in 1998, is the only active airport in the Thrace region. The airport, which hosts approximately 120 thousand passengers during the year, has a modern structure. There are facilities, tourism offices, cafes and restaurants at the airport where passengers can meet their needs.

Transport from Tekirdag-Corlu GAP Airport to the City Center

You can go to the city center from Tekirdag-Corlu Ataturk Airport by taxi or Havas buses.

The most economical way to get to the city center is by Havaş buses. Havaş buses depart from the terminal exit. The shuttle service hours of Havaş buses are arranged according to the time of the flights to and from the airport. The bus fare to the city center from the airport in 25 minutes.

You can find a taxi for 24 hours at the airport or you can call a taxi. You can reach the city center in about 10-15 minutes by taxi. 

If you would like to find a more comfortable and faster option, you can book a taxi or consider car rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

Public transport in Tekirdag-Corlu is well developed and is provided by municipal buses, minibusses, and taxis.

You can go to Corlu city center and surrounding districts by a bus belonging to Tekirdag municipality. Municipal buses operate until midnight in the early morning, but this is true for some routes. You can buy Tekirdag Cards which you can use in public transportation from the municipality or authorized dealers. You can take a look at this link to get detailed information about bus routes and times.

Minibusses provide transportation to the surrounding districts and the city center from the neighborhoods to central points such as the bazaar. Payments are made when boarding minibusses that you can encounter almost everywhere in the city center.

Taxis are another means of transportation within the city. You can negotiate for long distances.

Since there are many places to visit in the city center and surrounding districts, you can rent a car and make a comfortable trip. To rent a car, you can benefit from Pegasus' car rental services.

You can find accommodation in Corlu at reasonable prices in all seasons of the year. Prices of the hotels around the city center and vary between 100TL and 200TL per night (2019). You can find hotels with cheap reservations in advance. Also, the teacher house in Sculpture Square provides accommodation at affordable prices. Most of the guesthouses and hotels in Çorlu are modern tourism enterprises with high-quality service.

With Pegasus Airlines you can browse the available accommodation options and book your hotel in Tekirdag-Corlu at affordable prices months in advance.

You can find the finest dishes of Thracian cuisine in Corlu. Local dishes with olive oil and pastries are also delicious in Corlu cuisine where meat dishes stand out. Albanian style fried liver, Capricorn kebab, custard, rice, liver wrap are among the delicious meat dishes. Bosnian pastry is one of the famous pastries and you can try Hayrabolu dessert for dessert.

You can have a look at What to Eat in Tekirdag-Corlu page for more suggestions about all the local delicacies.

We have compiled some information you need to know to make your trip to Tekirdag-Corlu more enjoyable and comfortable:

About Visa

Türkiye is a country that has visa agreements with many countries. Therefore, depending on your country of residence, the procedures and required documents in the visa application process may vary. Türkiye's electronic visa service offered will greatly simplify the visa application process. To benefit from e-Visa service and apply for the Turkish visa easily you can check this page to get detailed information about the visa.


Neighboring Cities

There are many beautiful places located within a short distance from Tekirdag-Corlu.

  • Tekirdag, Turkey (40 km)
  • Marmaraereglisi, Turkey (29 km)
  • Luleburgaz, Turkey (50 km)
  • Silivri, Turkey (40 km)



The climate in Tekirdag-Corlu is mild and generally warm and temperate. During the winter months, the most rainfall in the city is hot in summer. While the average winter temperature is 4 degrees, it rises to 22 degrees in summer.  

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +90
  • Tekirdag-Corlu Area Code: 282
  • Airport Contact: +90 282 682 40 36
  • Emergency Line: 112
  • Police: 155
  • Airport Shuttle Service: +90 850 222 0487

Although Corlu is not a big city, it has a deep history. The city was home to the ancient Phrygian, Scythian, Persian, Greek and Macedonian civilizations and was used as a bridge point by the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. For this reason, there are many historical monuments worth seeing in the city. Thzolus Antique City, Kırkgöz Bridge, Corlu Castle and Süleymaniye Mosque built by Sultan Süleyman are among the first places we recommend you to see. Ataturk Forest Grove and Public beach are among the peaceful places in the city where you can go and visit.

To learn more about Tekirdag-Corlu, you can have a look at the Tekirdag-Corlu Travel Guide page that Pegasus Airlines prepared for you.


How to find cheap Tekirdag-Corlu flight ticket?

To find flights at affordable prices, it is enough to plan for your holiday to Tekirdag-Corlu months before and follow the various discount campaigns organized by Pegasus Airlines during the year.

Why should I visit Tekirdag-Corlu?

Tekirdag Corlu is a charming city of Thrace region where you can find historical monuments of many ancient civilizations and empires. It is very enjoyable to spend time in the tourist facilities in spring and summer. Here you can taste the most delicious dishes of the Thrace region.

Do I need a visa to travel to Tekirdag-Corlu?

You will need a Turkish visa to go to Tekirdag-Corlu. The documents required to obtain a Turkish visa vary depending on the purpose of your visit. You can apply for a Turkish visa online.

When is the ideal time to visit Tekirdag-Corlu?

From April to September, the best time to visit Tekirdag-Corlu is due to the weather conditions.

How long should I stay in Tekirdag-Corlu?

A single-day holiday in the city will be enough for you to visit the main attractions of Tekirdag-Corlu.

Is there a travel card for tourists in the city?

You can get public transportation cards called Tekirdag Card from the municipality building.

Is Tekirdag-Corlu a safe city?

Tekirdag-Corlu is a very safe and peaceful city.

Is Tekirdag-Corlu an expensive city?

Tekirdag-Corlu is a city where you can find accommodation options and restaurants at very reasonable prices.

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