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Best Flight Deals to Grozny


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Airport of arrival: Grozny Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Grozny: 2 hours 25 minutes

The capital city of Chechnya, Grozny was founded in 1818 as a fort by the Russians. The city has lived through many wars throughout the history. After the Second Chechen War, Grozny has been developed and became a prominent province in the region.

The word Grozny means “fearsome” or “menacing” in Russian. Derived from the name of Ivan the Terrible, the capital city of Chechnya lies on the Sunzha River. With a population of 276.524, Grozny was previously known as Groznaya until 1870. The city later renamed as Dzhokhar-Ghala and received the name Grozny at the end.

As of today, Grozny is still in development and in the process of rebuilding. It is quite possible to find affordable flight tickets to Grozny throughout the year.

There are direct flights to Grozny from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport which connects 33 other provinces of Turkey.

About the Airport

Pegasus Airlines features the most comfortable and affordable flights to Grozny Airport which is located 8 kilometres away the city center. Airport began its service in the year of 1938 and renamed several times between the years 1990-2000.

Although the infrastructure and the several constructs were damaged during combat, Grozny Airport was later rebuilt and restored to provide service. Currently, the airport has only one terminal which serves to the domestic and international flights.

Grozny Airport

After the establishment of Directorate for Recovery Grozny Airport, the airport has undergone developments and was put in the operation in the year 2006. The airport received its aerodrome certificate which made it suitable for international flights in June 11, 2019.

As of today, Grozny Airport is a quite efficient as it serves thousands of passengers every day.

Transport from Grozny Airport to City Center

There are various options to reach the city center from Grozny Airport.


The airport is situated 6 kilometres to the north from Grozny. A trip between the city and the airport costs 200 RUB. If you would like to avoid an expensive ride, you can consider booking a taxi by phone or via mobile application.


The bus line 111 rings between Zapadny and the airport. You can also take the buses with number 19 that serve between Privokzalnaya Square and the airport. The tickets are sold by the drivers.

Car Rental Services

You can also rent a car to have more comfortable and a faster ride to the city center. Pegasus Airlines offers car rental services to find the most suitable vehicle for you.

Public Transport

It is quite difficult to get around Grozny as the transportation system was damaged during the combat. Therefore the visitors and the locals of the city usually use their own vehicles or taxis. The trolley is also a transportation option to travel around the landmarks and counties of Grozny.

Taxis are considered the best option of transportation. One of the most preferred taxi company is called Islam. The company’s vehicles are painted green and are often seen in the traffic. You can also consider booking a taxi from mobile applications in order to avoid expensive rides around the city.

Grozny is not completely safe for travel. Taking caution while staying in Grozny is always recommended. Therefore, during the process of organizing your trip, consider staying near the city center. Since the war-torn areas are still dangerous, many visitors and tourists of the city prefer to stay in the center of Grozny. Many of the attraction points of the city are situated in the city center as well.

For further information and assistance while organizing your trip to Grozny can be obtained from hotel reservation services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

The cuisine of Chechnya offers a distinctive understanding of food culture. Its traditional and rich cuisine features many familiar dishes with wonderful additions. Some of the most popular meals of Grozny’s cuisine are listed as follows:

  • Gilnish
  • Cokhelek
  • Chechen rice
  • milked soup

For further information about the local delicacies and the best restaurants to visit, you can check What to Eat in Grozny page.

There are some side notes listed below to assist you while organizing your visit to Grozny.

About Visa

Russia requires a visa for those who wish to make tourist and commercial visits. Those who wish to make a family reunion in Russia are also required to obtain a Russian visa and are subject to different procedures than the Russian tourist and commercial visa applications.

Neighbouring Cities

  • Vladikavkaz (87 km)
  • Makhachkala (151 km)
  • Nalchik (169 km)
  • Tbilisi (191 km)
  • Stavropol (357 km)


Grozny has a warm-temperate climate which receives lots of rain throughout the year. Even in the driest months, the city receives rain and the annual average temperature is 11,2. The city can be visited any season but the ideal time for a trip to Grozny would be in fall or spring. As Grozny receives rain a lot during summer, you can consider planning your trip in March or April. The city can be visited in two days.

Essential Numbers

  • Fire Department – 01
  • Police – 02
  • Ambulance – 03

The war-torn city of Grozny has many attraction points which reflect the naive texture of the city. Top tourist attractions of the city are usually religious places such as mosques and churches. The fascinating architecture of these constructs offer a unique experience.

First place that comes to mind is Grozny Central Dome Mosque which is the largest mosque in Europe.  The mosque is also known as Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque and is called “the Heart of Chechnya.”

Church of St.Michael the Archangel is another popular tourist attraction in Grozny. As the city is enriched with Islamic constructs; Church of St.Michael the Archangel weaves a cosmopolitan motive to the city’s pattern.

For further information about the attraction points of Grozny, you can check Grozny Travel Guide.


How to find cheap Grozny flight ticket?

Booking your ticket to Grozny in advance may provide benefit from the seasonal promotions offered by Pegasus Airlines.

How many days are enough to visit Grozny?

Two or three days would be ideal to visit the major landmarks of Grozny.

Is Grozny safe?

The city is not completely safe. Especially the war-torn areas are still quite dangerous although the war is over. It is recommended that visitors should take extreme caution while visiting Grozny and should stay in the city center.

Is Grozny expensive?

One of the main expenses in Grozny would be in transportation. While travelling with taxis, bargaining for the destination is recommended.

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