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Best Flight Deals to Hopa - Artvin


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Airport of arrival: Batumi International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Hopa: 3 hours 10 minutes

Hopa is one of Türkiye's most popular tourist destinations, located east of the Black Sea coast in the Artvin province. As a port city, it offers its visitors a one-of-a-kind sightseeing experience with its lush nature, historical texture, and touristic areas.

Hopa, with its port that combines mountains and sea, is one of the best sightseeing destinations for those looking for both nature and sea vacations. Close to Batumi, one of Georgia's most colorful cities, Hopa allows you to spend your trip in two different places. With its old houses reflecting its history and cultural architecture, plateaus and deep blue sea, and delicious local dishes, the city invites nature and culture lovers for an unforgettable vacation.

You can take advantage of Pegasus Airlines' cheap flight ticket deals to explore Hopa's unique and peaceful nature, as well as its impressive historical and touristic sites, and have a pleasant holiday experience. You can also start your trip by purchasing an inexpensive Hopa flight ticket with early booking benefits.

Flight Information

There are no airports for airline flights in Artvin, Hopa. As a result, Hopa flights operate via Batumi Airport. After arriving at Batumi Airport via direct flights coordinated by Pegasus Airlines from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, you can use your new generation chip ID card to travel to Hopa visa-free via free shuttles departing from the airport. The flight from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) to Batumi Airport and then to Hopa takes about 3 hours and 10 minutes.

If you are traveling from Hopa to Istanbul, you can use your new generation chip ID card to enter Batumi without a visa. Then you can continue your journey to Istanbul via Batumi-Istanbul flights. You can also reach Batumi Airport with indirect flights from different destinations and then Hopa by shuttles. Passengers wishing to travel to Hopa from outside Türkiye must adhere to Türkiye's entry requirements.

Looking for a cheap flight? You can purchase the cheapest flight ticket by following Pegasus Airlines' campaigns and promotions.


The flights depart from Batumi Airport to Istanbul if you want to take a flight from Hopa to Istanbul. Hopa is 20 kilometers from Batumi Airport. So you can easily reach the airport by the services departing from Hopa Port. Plus you can use the bus, taxi, and car rental service.

Transportation from Batumi Airport to the City Center

Hopa flights are operated from Batumi Airport, passengers arriving at Batumi Airport can use the airport shuttles to get to Hopa for free. The shuttles departing from Batumi Airport going to the Sarp Border Gate and Hopa Port route take approximately 45 minutes to reach the district center. Also, you can go to Hopa from the airport by public buses and minibuses. Besides, you can go to the Hopa center quickly and comfortably by choosing the taxis located at the airport terminal exit.

You can take advantage of the car rental service offered by Pegasus Airlines to enjoy the natural beauties of Hopa and travel freely.

Public Transportation

In Hopa, you can use municipal buses, minibuses, and taxis to get around the district. So, you can economically reach the points you want in Hopa, and the city center of Artvin with public buses and minibuses serving following different routes. In Hopa, most of the district's attractions are walking distance away from each other. So, you can reach many points you want on foot. Besides, taxis are another convenient way of public transportation in the city.


Hosting many tourists every year with its natural beauties, historical buildings, and cultural features, Hopa offers its visitors many accommodation options such as boutique concept hotels and luxury hotels. So, if you want to enjoy the sea and the sun, you can experience a comfortable and luxurious stay in 5-star hotels close to the beach. On the other hand, if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday in a place surrounded by nature, you can explore the fascinating beauties of this pleasant town by choosing boutiques and apart-hotels. Furthermore, country and highland houses decorated to reflect the region's historic architecture are among the ideal accommodation options that provide the comforts of home while experiencing Hopa's impressive ambiance.

You can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines to find the accommodation option that best suits your budget and needs and to have a delightful travel experience in Hopa.


Having a rich culinary reflecting the Black Sea and Georgian culture, Hopa adds joy to your holiday with its delicious local flavors. Famous for its dishes prepared with fish varieties, the first local delicacies that come to mind in the district are anchovy, anchovy rice, and Laz pastry. Besides, kvane, roasted pickled beans, kada, anchovy bread, and harhashi are among the most delicious local flavors of the district. On the other hand, you should try the black cabbage roll, famous in the Black Sea region. You can also buy tea, honey, and walnuts before leaving Hopa.

Useful Information

Here are the essential details that you should know before the visit to Hopa:

About Visa

Owing to the unavailability of an airport in Hopa, flights to the city are routed through Batumi Airport. Citizens of the Republic of Türkiye do not need a visa or a passport to visit Georgia. Passengers on Istanbul-Hopa flights can now use their new generation chip ID cards to travel from Batumi Airport to Hopa. Passengers traveling from Hopa to Istanbul will also be accepted on flights from Batumi to Istanbul with their new generation chip ID card. The Türkiye visa entry rules apply to passengers traveling to Hopa from other countries

Neighboring Cities


Hopa, which has a Black Sea climate, is temperate and rainy all year. During the coldest months of the year, snowfall begins. The highest temperatures in Hopa, where the weather warms up in the spring, are recorded in July and August.

Essential Numbers

Country Code: +90

Artvin Area Code: 466

Batum Airport Contact: +995 422 23 51 00

Emergency Line: 112


Places to Visit in Hopa

Among the favorite holiday routes with its natural beauties, the city calls its visitors to have an unforgettable holiday experience with its unique coast, plateaus, and architecture reflecting its historical past.

Çamburnu Nature Park is one of the places to visit in Hopa. With its nature and fresh air, this park is among the frequent destinations for those who want to go hiking and camping. Another place to visit in the district is Hopa Port. By visiting this port, where the impressive mountain view meets the sea, you can take pleasant walks on the beach and watch the ships arriving at the port.

Kemalpaşa Beach and Kopmuş Beach are among the routes you must see during your Hopa trip. While enjoying the sea and the sun on these beaches, you can also taste the most delicious fish varieties in the restaurants here. Then you can visit the old houses of Hopa and witness the impressive architecture in the district. During your trip, you can visit Hopa's famous bazaar and buy local foods and souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. After rounding out your Hopa trip, you can pass to Batumi and explore this lively coastal city.


How to find a cheap Hopa flight ticket?

You can get affordable flight tickets with early booking advantages or you can follow the campaigns and promotions of Pegasus Airlines.

Why should I visit Hopa?

Offering a fascinating atmosphere with its deep forests and blue sea, Hopa promises a peaceful and enjoyable holiday experience with its historical texture, impressive architecture, local tastes, and natural beauties.

When is the ideal time to visit Hopa?

If you want to go on a seaside vacation, visit Hopa during the summer. The spring months, on the other hand, are ideal for nature and cultural trips in Hopa.

How long should I stay in Hopa?

Two or three days would be enough to visit Hopa. However, if you want to go to the neighboring districts or spend time in the highlands, you can extend your trip for a few more days.

Is Hopa expensive?

Hopa offers reasonable prices for food, beverage, and shopping. However, prices may increase during the holiday season.

How long is the flight time from İstanbul to Hopa?

The flight from İstanbul to Hopa takes about 3 hours 10 minutes.

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