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Best Flight Deals to Kosovo


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Currency Currency: Euro
Time Time: 12:58:14
Language Language: Albanian-Serbian

Kosovo is located in southern Europe, in the central part of the Balkans with a population of almost two million. The country is one of the most underrated tourism destinations in its region with many historical landmarks that are accompanied by a charming cultural heritage. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit lovely Kosovo and buy your cheap flight ticket to Kosovo today!


Flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Pristina International Airport make transportation to Kosovo easier. The transportation network in the country is developing every day to cover almost all cities, villages, and towns in Kosovo.

Transportation to/from Pristina International Airport

Transportation to/from Pristina International Airport to Pristina city centre became comfortable with new investments in public transport. Currently, there is a bus line operating between the airport and Pristina city centre. The travellers can take bus line 1A, which operates between 03:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

The airport bus stops at Stacioni i Autobusave Prishtine, from which the travellers need to take another bus line to reach the city centre or any other part of Pristina. More information about the airport bus lines that operate between the airport and Pristina can be found here.

In addition to this bus line, it is possible to take a taxi from the airport to reach the Pristina city centre or any other district. Renting a car is also a convenient option for travellers who plan to visit different cities in Kosovo.

Public Transport

Public transport in Pristina is not well-developed, but it is still possible to navigate around the city with some major bus lines. Especially, bus line 7offers access to most tourist attractions to see in Pristina. The only public transport option to travel around the city is the buses, and there are no trams or trains working in the city.

The city of Pristina has a helpful app called Transporti Publik for real-time bus schedules and to see which station the buses are at. This app is free to download, and you can find the Android version of this real-time bus transportation app in Pristina here, while the iOS version of the same urban transportation app can be found here.

Is there a tourist travel card in Kosovo?There is not tourist travel card in Kosovo. The entire bus system is owned and operated by a private company, and travellers need to pay for each bus ride.

Transportation Between Cities in Kosovo

Transportation between cities in Kosovo is limited to bus lines and car rental. Travellers who want to go to Prizren, İpek, Rahovec, or Yakova from Pristina can take an intercity bus. Gjirafa is the leading bus company that operates in Kosovo and is a private bus company. It is possible to find bus tickets to major cities in Kosovo as well as smaller towns and villages. Also, there are bus lines that operate between Kosovo and some nearby European countries, such as Serbia and Albania. You can also consider renting a car in Kosovo if you would like to have a smooth journey and not have to wait for the scheduled buses.

Where to Stay in Kosovo?

Kosovo is a growing tourism destination in Balkans and offers a variety of accommodation options to its visitors, especially in its capital city Prishtina.

If you are in Prishtina to explore its historical landmarks and cultural heritage, it would be best for you to stay in hotels that are located in “Qendra (Central)” district since you will be walking distance away from some of Prishtina’s most popular attractions such as Fatih Mosque or Clock Tower of Pristina. If you are looking for a calmer stay, it is recommended for you to stay in hotels around “Velania” neighborhood.

We would love to help you organize your trip to Kosovo and you can book a hotel easily through our website.



Top things to do in Kosovo

Although Kosovo is a lively and young country with a lot to offer, the country was a part of many age-old civilizations which had left evident landmarks in every part of it. It is a joy to explore Kosovo by wandering in its lovely streets and enjoy delicious street food while doing it. We listed some of the things you can do in Kosovo below and if you would like to know more about the country, you can check our detailed Kosovo Travel Guide.

  • Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa Tour: While Prishtina has a predominantly Muslim population, the city celebrates its diverse social structure and Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa is one of the best examples to represent that. The cathedral is located at the heart of the city and serves as a significant cathedral to the Serbian Orthodox minority in Prishtina.
  • Explore the Gračanica Monastery: Gračanica Monastery which was built in 1321 is the UNESCO World Heritage listed landmark of Prishtina and is located a 15-minute drive away from the city center. The monastery is also home to many fascinating life-like murals.
  • Visit the National Museum of Kosovo: Prishtina is home to Kosovo’s largest museum, the National Museum of Kosovo. The museum exhibits many artifacts from Kosovo’s history dating back to the pre-historical era.
  • Fatih Mosque: Fatih Mosque, also called the Imperial Mosque is one of the most significant landmarks of Prishtina. The mosque was completed in 1461 and known for its fascinating architectural style.
  • Check the Newborn Monument: The Newborn monument was built in 2008 to celebrate Europe’s newest country, Kosovo. The monument is repainted every year in a different style and is located in the central part of Prishtina.
  • Visit the National Library of Kosovo: The National Library of Kosovo in Prishtina serves as the largest library in Kosovo since 1982 and regarded as one of the strangest libraries in the world in terms of the architectural style.

If you would like to know more about Prishtina and its attractions, you can check our comprehensive Prishtina Travel Guide.

We listed some useful side notes about Kosovo for you right below.

Things to Know Before Visiting Kosovo

  • Kosovo is a safe country to visit with low petty and violent crime rates but it is recommended for you to be cautious about pickpocketing and tourist scams in crowded areas.
  • Albanian and Serbian are the official languages of Kosovo. Bosnian, Turkish, and Romani are also spoken in various parts of the country.
  • English is widely spoken mostly among youth and tourism employees.
  • Kosovo is a budget-friendly country to visit with cheaper accommodation, food, and sightseeing costs in comparison to other popular European destinations.
  • The official currency is Euro and most payments are made with cash in the country. There are many currency exchange vendors and banks in populated areas.

Essential Numbers

Country Code: +383

Prishtina International Airport Number: +381 38 5015021214

Police: 92

Ambulance: 94

Airports in Kosovo

We use Prishtina International Airport for our flights in Kosovo.

Prishtina International Airport

Prishtina International Airport (PRN), also called Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari is located 19 kilometers away from Prishtina city center. You can get to the city center with public bus, taxi, and rental car from the airport. Public buses are available during the day with 1-hour intervals and the trip to the city center approximately takes 40 minutes.

Car Rental in Kosovo

You can also rent a car with Pegasus privileges if you want to consider a more comfortable option for city transportation when you arrive in Kosovo for business or leisure.



Have flights to Kosovo restarted?

Yes, our flights to Kosovo restarted.

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