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Currency Currency: Macedonian Denar
Time Time: 11:37:53
Language Language: Macedonian

North Macedonia is located in southern Europe, in the southwestern part of the Balkans with a population of more than two million. North Macedonia is on its way to becoming an all-around popular Balkan destination thanks to its multifaceted social structure that presents a unique cultural atmosphere, also with its spectacular natural sceneries that remain gorgeous as ever. Buy your cheap flight ticket to North Macedonia now and be prepared to unveil its hidden beauties!


Pegasus flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Skopje International Airport make it easy to reach Macedonia. Transportation options in Macedonia are somewhat limited due to geographical conditions. Still, it is not difficult to find your destination by travelling to Macedonian cities, towns, and villages after your flight to Skopje. The inner-city lines are advanced to ensure more accessible transportation in the city. Buses operate across Macedonia and offer extensive coverage of the country.

Transportation to/from Skopje International Airport

There is only one public transport option to travel to/from Skopje International Airport to Skopje city centre. A bus line between Skopje city centre and the airport operates between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. The airport shuttle between Skopje city centre and the airport is operated by WTransporter. If you would like to have more information about the shuttle schedule and prices, you can check their official website. Also, it is possible to grab a taxi or rent a car from the airport after your flight to reach the city centre and other districts.

Public Transport

Skopje is one of the thriving cities that attract a lot of investment in terms of public transport. The most common way to travel around the city is to use the local bus lines. The bus lines in Skopje cover the entire city, and these bus lines are connected at specific locations. This way, it is possible to change the line and take another bus line that goes in another direction.

The other option to travel around Skopje is to take a taxi. Taxi fares are relatively cheap, and it is possible to find a taxi anywhere around this city. Further, renting a car might be a good idea if your plan includes visiting other cities as well. If you would like to know more about the bus lines in Skopje, you can click here to reach the bus line's website. Additionally, this website (in English) has details about bus schedules and prices here.

Is there a tourist travel card in Macedonia?

There is not a tourist travel card in Skopje and Macedonia. Travellers need to buy bus tickets that the locals use. The buses in Macedonia are cheap, and it is possible to reach any location by using the bus.

Transportation Between Cities in Macedonia

The only way to travel between cities in Macedonia is by bus. The intercity bus lines can take you to anywhere in the entire country. It is possible to reach some of the biggest cities in Macedonia, such as Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep, or Tetovo, by taking a bus from Skopje. There is a train that leaves from Skopje, but this train goes to other countries such as Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Athens, or Ljubljana.

Where to Stay in Macedonia?

North Macedonia is a rapidly growing destination of the Balkans and offers a variety of accommodation options to its visitors ranging from five-star hotels to affordable backpacker hostels, especially in its capital city Skopje and popular lake-side destination Ohrid.

If it is your first time in Skopje and looking forward to explore its must-go attractions, it is recommended for you to stay in hotels located in “Centar” neighborhood, along the Vardar River. In the neighborhood, you will be a walking distance away from many of North Macedonia’s significant historical attractions such as Kale Fortress or Church of St. Clement of Ohrid.

Ohrid, the picturesque city of the country, also offers various accommodation options to its visitors. There are many four-star and boutique hotels in Ohrid where you can enjoy a refreshing vacation.

We would love to help you organize your trip to North Macedonia and you can book a hotel easily through our website.



Things to Do in Macedonia

North Macedonia is an amazing yet underrated country to discover with its fascinating historical landmarks that are accompanied by a remarkable cultural heritage. It is a joy to explore North Macedonia and the country has everything a traveler can wish for. We listed some of these things you can do in North Macedonia below and if you would like to know more about the country, you can check our detailed North Macedonia Travel Guide.

  • Explore Macedonia Square: Macedonia Square is probably the best place to start your Skopje journey since the square is surrounded by many popular landmarks and museums. There are also many local restaurants, cafés, and shops around Macedonia Square.
  • Marvel at Church of St. Clement of Ohrid: Church of St. Clement of Ohrid, commonly called Soborna Crkva, is one of the most uniquely built churches in Europe and was completed in 1990. The church is located at the heart of the city.
  • Visit Mustafa Pasha Mosque: Mustafa Pasha Mosque is one of the oldest Islamic landmarks of Skopje and was completed in 1492. The mosque is a marvelous example of the Late Classical Ottoman Architecture and is located in the historical center of the city, near the Old Bazaar and Kale Fortress.
  • Shop from Locals in Old Bazaar: Old Bazaar is the largest historical commercial center of the Balkans with a history that dates back to the 12th Today, the Old Bazaar is still one of the liveliest places you can visit in Skopje with hundreds of local vendors that are specialized in various authentic Macedonian products. Old Bazaar is also neighbors some of the popular attractions of Skopje, such as Mustafa Pasha Mosque or Kurshumli An.
  • Walk at the Stone Bridge: Stone Bridge is one of the iconic symbols of Skopje and was built in 1469 by the order of Mehmet II the Conqueror. The bridge is situated across the Vardar River and exhibits spectacular sceneries both day and night.
  • Visit Memorial House of Mother Teresa: Memorial House of Mother Teresa is a unique museum to visit in Skopje and is dedicated to Nobel Peace Prize laureate Skopje-born Mother Teresa. The memorial house is located in the building where Mother Teresa was baptized, in Skopje city center.

You can visit our detailed Skopje Travel Guide to learn more about Skopje and its spectacular attractions.

We listed some useful side notes about North Macedonia for you right below.

Things to Know Before Visiting North Macedonia

  • Macedonian and Albanian are official and most commonly spoken languages in North Macedonia while Turkish, Romani, and Serbian are also spoken in various parts of the country. English is mostly spoken among young people and tourism employees.
  • North Macedonia is not a member of the European Union and uses Macedonian denar as currency. There are many exchange vendors around the country.
  • North Macedonia is a budget-friendly destination with lower accommodation, food, and sightseeing expenses in comparison to other popular European and Balkan destinations.
  • Most small shops, restaurants, and cafés do not accept payments with credit or debit cards so it can be useful for you to carry some cash while you are in North Macedonia.
  • It is usually expected to leave %10 tips in restaurants and cafés in North Macedonia.
  • North Macedonia is a safe country to visit with low petty and violent crime rates but it is recommended for you to be cautious about pickpocketing and tourist scams in crowded areas.

Essential Numbers

Country Code: +389

Skopje International Airport Number: +389 2 314 8333

Official Tourism Information Number for Skopje: +389 (0) 71 386 091

Police: 192

Ambulance: 194


Macedonia Airports

We use Skopje International Airport for our flights in North Macedonia. 

Skopje International Airport

Skopje International Airport (SKP) is located 24 kilometers away from the city center. You can get to Skopje city center with airport bus, taxi, and rental car. Airport buses are available during the day with varying intervals and the trip approximately takes 45 minutes. You can click here to check their timetables.


Car Rental in Macedonia

You can also rent a car with Pegasus privileges if you want to consider a more comfortable option for city transportation when you arrive in Macedonia for business or leisure.



How to buy cheap North Macedonia flight ticket?

To buy the cheapest flight ticket to North Macedonia, you can book your flight ticket in advance, ideally two or three months prior to your flight. You can visit North Macedonia during its off-season which is winter and enjoy our amazing seasonal flight ticket promotions.

You can also follow our campaigns and sales regarding flights to North Macedonia. In addition to these, flight tickets during weekdays are almost always cheaper than flight tickets that are scheduled on weekends.

Why I should visit North Macedonia?

North Macedonia is an amazing Balkan country to explore and has a remarkable cultural heritage with many evident landmarks all around. In North Macedonia, you will have a great journey filled with history and culture.

What is the ideal time to visit North Macedonia?

North Macedonia has a humid continental climate with cold snowy winters and hot summers. Travelers usually choose to visit the country during summer or late spring to enjoy the country in warmer and more welcoming temperatures.

What time zone does North Macedonia use?

North Macedonia has only 1 time zone. The country follows the Central European Time Zone, GMT +1.

Do I need a visa to visit North Macedonia?

North Macedonia does not mandate a visa for Schengen Area countries and many other nationalities. You can click here to check if your nationality is eligible for visa-free entry to North Macedonia and learn about the required documents.

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