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Best Flight Deals to Saudi Arabia


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Currency Currency: Saudi Riyal
Time Time: 17:26:49
Language Language: Arabic

Saudi Arabia is a country of contrasts – the modernity of extremely tall skyscrapers and obsolete, grey community buildings, the seemingly unconstrained space, and intensely crowded, narrow streets. The surrounding chaos can be adorable, and it will most definitely be a perspective-changing experience. If you are enthusiastic about traveling, getting to know cultures that you have never seen before – it is high time to buy flight tickets and visit Saudi Arabia as soon as possible!

Whether you are coming to Saudi Arabia for its historical sites and rich marine life or local food and entertainment venues, your flight to Saudi Arabia with Pegasus will land in Jeddah, Dammam, Medina or Riyadh. Flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport arrive in these cities. There are various transportation options to reach different areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Public Transport

Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) operates public transport in Saudi Arabia. This company operates intercity buses and inner-city buses to travel in Saudi Arabia. In addition to that, SAPTCO offers limousine services for travellers who would love to experience the luxurious side of this country.

SAPTCO covers the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a large bus fleet. Almost all large cities and towns in Saudi Arabia are linked by buses. It is possible to buy a bus ticket from the official website of the Saudi Public Transport Company.

Other options to travel in the city are taking a taxi or renting a car. Taxis are available at the Saudi Arabia King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and all hotels in the country. Renting a car can be a suitable option if you plan to visit other cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Is there a tourist travel card in Saudi Arabia?

There are no tourist travel cards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, tourists can easily buy their bus tickets online to travel to different cities in Saudi Arabia. Inner-city transportation bus tickets can also be purchased online. Bus tickets can be purchased online, on a mobile app, or through self-service machines at the airport.

Transportation Between Cities in Saudi Arabia

The transportation between cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is provided by buses. A high-speed train also travels between King Abdullah Economic City, Medina, Mecca, and Jeddah. Additionally, it is possible to rent a car or a limousine to travel between the cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Transportation options are somewhat limited due to harsh desert conditions in the country.

Where to Stay in Saudi Arabia?

Accommodation opportunities in Saudi Arabia are mostly luxurious. Especially in Dammam and Jeddah, there are numerous seven-star luxury hotels. These are safe and most preferred accommodation options in Saudi Arabia. These hotels often have all-inclusive services. Although you may also find budget hotels around the suburb, in such hotels, we recommend checking your room before booking. Note that some of the hotels may not allow parties and nightlife.

To book accommodation in one of Saudi Arabia's cities, you can refer to the hotel reservation page.



5 Things to Do in Saudi Arabia

The most important thing to do while visiting Saudi Arabia is to take the time to walk around and observe the distinctiveness of the architecture and the people. The famous cuisine is a mix of the Turkish, Egyptian, and Lebanese, with the restaurant chef being from one of these countries very often.

  • Jeddah Historical and City Tour: Take the opportunity to see one of the most vibrant cities of the Red Sea region, everything from the Old Town to the most prominent city's mosques, to the magnificent views of the Red Sea. All of that while traveling with a private vehicle and listening to the engaging stories and descriptions of the local history and culture. For the detailed information, you can have look at the Jeddah Travel Guide.
  • National Museum in Riyadh: The central theme of the museum is the history of Islam. Still, it also features all the history of the country and the city and all kinds of personal collections of the founder of Saudi Arabia. The opinions about the expositions and the professional guides are outstanding, and the recommended time spent inside is at least 2 to 4 hours. The ticket purchased to visit the museum also enables us to see some other things in the city, free of charge.
  • Grand Mosque in Mecca: The biggest mosque in the world, a significant religious symbol; some even call it "the holiest place of Islam," "The Forbidden Mosque," or "The Sacred Mosque." A peaceful yet overwhelming experience is something that we have a chance at when visiting this place.
  • Kingdom Centre Tower: One of the best (and the biggest) shopping malls in the country, luxurious hotel and residential apartments are just a few of what this horrendously big tower contains. Owned by the Saudi Prince, it was designed to astonish. On top of that, the view, unfolding all of Riyadh's presence, is terrific.
  • Jeddah Corniche: People with a preference for time spent in peace of mind will appreciate that area. Consider walking along the shore, and enjoying the fresh sea wind in your face, free of the city’s crowds and shopping malls. You can also jog here, exercise, or even rent a bike to enhance your experience.
  • Marjan Island: An excellent place for a family trip, just off the coast of Dammam. A vast green area with all the necessary facilities will make your stay there pleasurable and relaxing. The island is artificial, but it takes none of the calming experience that you will most definitely have while taking a peaceful walk there.

For all these and more, have a look at the Saudi Arabia Travel Guide!

We listed some useful side notes about Saudi Arabia for you right below.

Things to Know Before Visiting Saudi Arabia

  • Be prepared to travel by car only, either by a taxi or a rental car. The public transport is almost nonexistent here, the distances are significant, and the temperatures are most of the time high.
  • Get to know the local habits before visiting – some things that may seem natural are very strictly prohibited here, and you may face unpleasant consequences if you violate some of the rules.
  • The accessibility of service and gastronomy during the day is mixed; due to the local traditions, they will be closed for short periods a few times a day.
  • In some of the places you will visit, taking photographs is not recommended; learn about the local preferences in advance of taking your phone or camera out.
  • Keep in mind that playing music in public is prohibited – even in your hotel room, you shouldn't play it too loudly.

Essential Numbers

  • Country Phone Code: +966
  • Airport Phone:
    • Dammam: +966 13 883 44 44
    • Jeddah: +966 92 001 12 33
  • Emergency Line: 999, 911, 997
  • Turkish Consulate: +966 2 660 16 07
  • Turkish Embassy: +966 11 482 01 01

Saudi Arabia Airports

Pegasus uses the following airports for Saudi Arabia flights:

  • Dammam King Fahd International Airport

The airport is located 20 kilometers northwest of Dammam. You can reach it by car (or taxi, a cost of around SAR50-60, an equivalent of EUR12-14), through one of the two main roads, or by a public bus from the city center of Dammam (the trip takes 30 minutes)

  • Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport

19km north of Jeddah, The KAIA airport is the busiest in Saudi Arabia. You can get there from the Jeddah city center in 30 minutes by taxi – you will pay SAR60-80.

  • Riyadh King Khalid International Airport

35km north of Riyadh, previously used as a landing site for NASA's Space Shuttle, now serves only the public purposes. From there, you can reach the Riyadh city center by taxi (SAR70, around 30 minutes) or by the metro service. Alternatively, you may rent a car and enter the city via the main road.

Car Rental in Saudi Arabia

You can also rent a car with Pegasus privileges if you want to consider a more comfortable option for city transportation when you arrive in Saudi Arabia for business or leisure.



Have flights to Saudi Arabia restarted?

Yes, our flights to Saudi Arabia restarted.

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