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Best Flight Deals to Astana


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Departure Airport: Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)
Arrival Airport: Astana Nazarbayev International Airport (NQZ)
Flight duration from İstanbul to Astana: 3 hours 55 minutes

Astana attracts more and more visitors every year, and more flights are organised to reach this Central Asian city. Pegasus Airlines offers direct flights between İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Astana Nazarbayev International Airport once a week. You can check our flights to find more about the affordable flights to Kazakhstan and Astana.

About Astana Nazarbayev International Airport

Astana Nazarbayev International Airport, also known as Astana International Airport, is the main airport to reach Astana. The airport's terminals are T1 for international flights and T2 for domestic flights. Astana Nazarbayev International Airport acts as an important hub in the Central Asia region to reach some of the other important destinations in the area, such as Russia, Mongolia, and China.

Transportation from Astana Nazarbayev International Airport to City Centre

After your flights to Astana, you will have many different transportation alternatives. It is possible to use public transport options from Astana Nazarbayev International Airport to Astana city centre. Two regular bus lines travel between the airport and Astana city centre, number 10 and number 12. In addition to these two regular bus lines, one express line enables direct transfer to the airport, which is express bus 100. All of these bus lines between the city centre and the airport operate between 06:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. More information about the schedules and prices of the regular bus lines and an express bus line that operates between Astana Nazarbayev International Airport and the city centre can be found here.

In addition to bus lines, it is possible to take a taxi to travel between Astana Nazarbayev International Airport and the city centre. The other option for travelling between the airport and the city centre is renting a car. Car rental is a good option if travellers plan to visit other cities in Kazakhstan.

Public Transport

Compared to the other parts of Kazakhstan, Astana offers a relatively limited transportation system for passengers to move around the city. A new metro line is being constructed in the city, but currently, buses and taxis are the only modes of transport. Municipal buses in Astana are the best way to move around the city and reach different districts. The buses can be used by a transportation card called the TransCard, which enables access to all buses in the city. If you would like to know more about the TransCard in Astana and bus schedules, you can check out this website.

Astana offers extensive accommodation options for different budgets. It is possible to find 5-star resorts in the city as well as cheaper hotel and hostel options. To learn more about hotels in Astana, you can check our hotel page here.

Astana and Kazakhstan, in general, have a rich food culture that mainly consists of meat and dairy products. While the Kazakh pilaf is the most famous dish in the country and Astana, there are other options such as Koktal, a type of smoked fish, Kuurdak, a kind of meat and potato dish, and Lagman, which is a traditional soup prepared with beef.

About Visa

Kazakhstan offers visa-free travel options to numerous countries around the world, including Russia, the EU countries, Turkey, the UK, the US, Canada, and many others. Travellers from other countries, who need a visa, can apply for one depending on their travel purpose: tourism, business, or education. Please check which category your country belongs to before taking your flights to Astana. You can learn more about Kazakhstan visas, visa requirements, and the visa application process on the official website.

Neighbouring Cities

Almaty: 1,000 km

Semey: 617 km

Omsk (Russia): 450 km

Pavlodar: 403 km

Karaganda: 189 km


Weather in Astana can be considered as humid continental weather with hot summer days and cold winter days. The average temperatures can reach up to 40°C during summer and down to -18°C during winter days.

Essential Numbers

Country Code: +7

Fire: 101

Police: 102

Ambulance: 103

Common emergency number: 112

Astana, formerly known as Nur-Sultan, is a relatively new city in Kazakhstan and the city underwent a total reconstruction project. Bayterek Tower, an important observation tower in the town, is one of the first places that attract attention. Also, Hazret Sultan Mosque and Nur Astana Mosque are two of the impressive mosques that reflect the region's architecture. The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, a 62-metre-high pyramid, is one of the symbols in the city.


How long is the flight to Astana?

The direct flight from İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport to Astana Nazarbayev International Airport takes 4 hours 55 minutes. You can check our flight search page to find the most affordable Astana flight tickets.


Why should I visit Astana?

Astana is one of the thriving cities in Kazakhstan. Since the investment in the cities increased due to the reconstruction project, the city has become more modern every day. There are many places to see in Astana, and visiting this city can be an exciting and memorable trip.


What is the ideal season to visit Astana?

The summer days are hot, and the winter days are cold in Astana due to the country's geographic location. When these are considered, it is better to visit the city during spring or fall. Both of these seasons are ideal for visiting the city easily.


How long should I stay in Astana?

In general, a 2- or 3-day trip to Astana will be enough to see some of the most important places in the city. However, if you plan to visit other cities in Kazakhstan, it might be better to go for a 7-10 day trip.


Is there a tourist travel card in the city?

There is not a travel card for tourists in Astana. Tourists can use the local TransCard on the bus lines.


Is there a time difference between Astana and Istanbul?

Astana is in GMT+6 time zone, and Istanbul is in GMT+3 time zone. Thus, Astana is 3 hours ahead of Istanbul.


Is Astana an expensive city?

Astana is one of the most affordable cities in Kazakhstan. Travellers can easily find affordable accommodation and food options in Astana.

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