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Best Flight Deals to Shymkent


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Arrival airport: Shymkent International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Shymkent: 4 hours 30 minutes

One of the most popular and developed cities in Kazakhstan with its colorful markets and lively streets, Shymkent is among the sightseeing routes preferred by thousands of tourists every year. With its authentic nature and climatic features, the city, offering its visitors a four-season holiday, promises a sightseeing experience nested with culture, art, and entertainment through its historical structures, local tastes, and lively nightlife.

You can take advantage of Pegasus Airlines' cheap flight ticket campaigns to visit Shymkent, which amazes guests with its impressive ancient architecture and culture at affordable prices. Also, you can plan your trip and get your economical Shymkent flight ticket with early booking deals.

Flight Information

Pegasus Airlines lands at Shymkent International Airport for flights in Shymkent.

Pegasus Airlines arranges direct flights to and from Shymkent International Airport from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW). Flights between Istanbul and Shymkent take approximately 4 hours 30 minutes. Also, you can have indirect flight tickets with connecting flights from Turkey in Ankara and Izmir and from many destinations in the world. You can reach Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and then to Shymkent.

Buy cheap Shymkent flight tickets with advantageous campaigns and promotions ofPegasus Airlines to travel with affordable prices.


Shymkent International Airport is located 11 km from the city center. So you can effortlessly go to the city center from the airport and to the airport from the city center with airport buses, car rental service or public transportation.

Transportation from Shymkent International Airport to the City Center

You can get to the Shymkent city center from the airport with buses 12, 12a, and 12b or the minibus-like matryoshkas. If you are looking for a faster transportation option, you can prefer the taxis waiting outside the terminal and serving 24 hours.

You can also make your Shymkent travel much more comfortable in terms of transportation by using the Pegasus Airlines car rental service.

Public Transport

Public transportation in Shymkent is provided by buses, minibus-like matryoshkas, trains, and taxis. You can get around the city with municipal bus lines at affordable prices effortlessly. You can visit the touristy destinations in Shymkent and its surroundings using the trains located in the Kabanbay Batyr region and linked with many intracity and intercity points. You can also choose taxis for a comfortable and fast journey.


Shymkent offers its visitors accommodation options from hostels to 5-star hotels. By choosing 4-star and 5-star hotels in the Park Abaya and Turkistan region, you can enjoy staying in a luxurious and comfortable hotel and, you can reach the city's most important tourist attractions, parks, and museums on foot. If you are looking for a holiday in a peaceful environment, you can prefer boutique hotels and pensions that reflect the city's fascinating atmosphere and impressive architecture.

You can book your hotel with Pegasus Airlines' advantages and early booking deals for affordable accommodation in Shymkent.


Meat dishes, milk, and rice are prevalent in Shymkent, where you can taste different flavors reflecting the rich cuisine culture unique to Central Asia. In addition, pastries such as manti and samsa are among the prominent flavors of Shymkent cuisine. Beşparmak, shashlik kebab, Kazak soup, Kazakh mantı, Uzbek Pilaf, and Lagman are the most famous tastes of the city. If you want to taste the local drinks of the city, you should try kumiss and camel milk.

You can take a look at the Shymkent Food Guide for detailed information about Shymkent cuisine culture and popular restaurants.

Useful Information

The beneficial information and essential numbers you will need to know during your travel to Shymkent can be listed as follows:

About Visa

Citizens of many countries and the Republic of Turkey can also go to Kazakhstan without a visa for travels that do not exceed 30 days. However, nationalities from other countries can be subject to various visa requirements. You can click here for further information about Kazakhstan visa processes.

Neighboring Cities

  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan (113 km)
  • Taraz, Kazakhstan (160 km)
  • Namangan, Uzbekistan (224 km)
  • Andijan, Uzbekistan (281 km)


In Shymkent, where the continental climate prevails, winters are cold and snowy while summers are hot and dry. The average temperature fluctuated between 27 and 30 degrees in summer. In the winter season, it falls to -15 degrees at night. So, the best time to visit Shymkent is between March and October.

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +7
  • Shymkent Area Code: +725
  • Airport Contact: +7 (725) 245 50 31
  • Emergency Line: 112

Places to Visit in Shymkent

Promising a unique nature holiday with its exciting nature and deep-rooted history, Shymkent is a lively and vibrant city with its parks, museums, squares, and shopping areas. You can take pleasant walks in the lush and peaceful atmosphere of Park Abaya, the famous park of the city, and taste the local delicacies served in the cafes in the park. Besides, the city's famous markets Bazar Samal and Anya Bazar are among the places you should see during your trip.

In the Regional Museum, which reveals the history of Kazakhstan and Shymkent, you can examine the historical artifacts specific to the region. Besides, by visiting the Ethno Museum, you can hit the library where you can learn about handcrafted works of art and the history of Kazakhstan. Also, you can have a pleasant and authentic sightseeing experience by visiting the Shymkent Zoo, where more than 100 animal species are located in a large green garden.

You can visit the Shymkent Travel Guide for more detailed information about places to visit in Shymkent, making a bright impression with its nature and architecture.


How to find a cheap Shymkent flight ticket?

You can find the most suitable flight tickets’ prices with Pegasus Airlines’ campaigns and discount promotions.

When is the ideal time to visit Shymkent?

Although the city offers fascinating sceneries in four seasons for travelers, the ideal time to visit Shymkent is spring and summer months to explore and enjoy the natural and historical beauties of the city in warm weather.

How long should I stay in Shymkent?

You can enjoy Shymkent within three to four days.

How long is the flight time from İstanbul to Shymkent?

The flight from Istanbul to Shymkent takes about 4 hours 30 minutes.

Is Shymkent expensive?

Shymkent offers reasonable accommodation, food, and transportation options compared to many Asian and European cities.

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