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Best Flight Deals to Marseille


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Airport of arrival: Marseille Provence Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Marseille: 3 hours 20 minutes

The oldest province of France, Marseille is a place of history, culture and elegance. Famous for its ports and shores, Marseille is a center of trade and commerce. With a population of 861.365, this port city is located in the southern region of France.

Also known with the name Massalia, the city has been one of the most significant trade centers of Europe. Marseille is the second-largest city of France after the capital city, Paris. Enriched by the Mediterranean coasts, the province was European Capital of Culture in 2013 and European Capital of Sport in 2017.

With its motto “the city of Marseille shines from its great achievements”, the Mediterranean pearl invites you to visit and discovers its wonders. It is quite easy to find affordable flight tickets to Marseille throughout the year.

There are direct flights to Marseille Provence Airport from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport which connects 33 provinces of Turkey.

In order to benefit from seasonal promotions offered by Pegasus Airlines, you can consider booking your ticket in advance.

About the Airport

Pegasus Airlines offers the most comfortable flights to Marseille Provence Airport throughout the year. The airport is the fifth busiest airport located in France in terms of passenger traffic. The airport was formerly called Marseille-Marignane Airport but the name was changed later on.

Marseille Airport

The airport opened its new terminal MP2 in September 2006 and expanded itself with various shopping stores. As of today, the airport contains thirty restaurants and shops including Burger King. The international airport is located 27 kilometres northwest of Marseille.

Transportation from Marseille Airport to the City Center

There are various transportation options that you can choose to reach the center of Marseille.


Buses which ring between Novatte Aeroport and Gare St. Charles depart every 15 minutes. It is the cheapest alternative to get to the downtown Marseille and the trip takes about 25 minutes. The ticket price is 8.50 Euro.


If you are looking for a faster and a more comfortable trip, you can always book a taxi which you can find right outside the terminals.


The airport complex also contains train lines that can take you to the city center. For further information about the stops and the schedule, you can visit the official website of the airport.

Car Rental Services

If you are looking for a comfortable and more flexible trip to the city, you can rent a car through Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

The transportation within the city is operated by Regie des transports de Marseille, RTM. Providing service for more than 600.000 passengers each week, the city’s transportation system is composed of trains, tramways and buses. There are also ferries available which provide transportation between the islands of Marseille.

Buses are available from 4:30 AM to 23:30 PM. You can also take Fluobus which offers rides within the city until 00:30.

  • One way ticket price: 1.70 €
  • 24-hours ticket: 5.00 €

Marseille contains two tramway lines and the routes can be checked online.

A center of trade, Marseille also stands out as one of the most visited provinces of France. It is quite possible to find many accommodation options suitable for any type of budget around the city. Some of the most visited and ideal places to stay in the city are Vieux Port, Saint Charles and La Valentine.

As the city offers a unique atmosphere in its every corner, you can also visit the other counties of Marseille to find the best place to stay suitable for your budget and purpose of your visit. You can also book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.

As Marseille is also highly affected by the Mediterranean culture, the city offers the richest cuisine in France. Combinations of French and Mediterranean food cultures, the meals are mainly composed of seafood and olive oil. One of the most iconic and famous meals of the city’s cuisine is Ratatouille, which is a rich meal made by various healthy vegetables.

Some of the other delicacies of the city are Bouillabaisse, Pieds et parquets, Soupe au pistou and Bourride. To have further information about the city’s rich cuisine, you can visit What to Eat in Marseille page.

You can find some side notes below that may be of help during the process of organizing your trip:

About Visa

There are different types of visas which you should apply regarding your purpose of visit. As France became a member of the Schengen Area in 1997, you can apply for a France Visa.

Neighbouring Cities

  • Montpellier (127 km)
  • Nice (156 km)
  • Turin, Italy (267 km)
  • Lyon (276 km)


The city has a Mediterranean climate. The summer season of Marseille is quite hot and the winters are warm. The coldest months are December, January and February but almost 300 days of the year is sunny in the city.

If you are looking for a wonderful vacation in this spectacular city, the summer months would be ideal to visit Marseille.

Essential Numbers

  • Emergency: 15
  • Police: 17
  • Fire Department: 18
  • 24-Hour Available Pharmacy Service: 3237

Founded by Greeks, the city of Marseille is a city locked in time. The combination of ancient and contemporary is weaved into the texture of the city. Marseille invites you to witness its wonders, historical sites, top landmarks and attractions.

One of the most significant and iconic places in the city, Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde is situated on the highest area of Marseille. The Basilica offers a unique sight over the city and attracts many tourists and visitors every day.

The city is also home to great museums such as the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations which features a fascinating journey throughout history. Old Port of Marseille, History Museum, Cathédrale de la Major are some of the other attraction points of the city.

For further information about the places to visit in Marseille, you can have a look at Marseille Travel Guide.


How to find cheap Marseille flight ticket?

There are a couple of things you can do to find the cheapest flight ticket to Marseille. In order to find the cheapest flight ticket, it is always good to book your flight ticket in advance, ideally two or three months prior to your flight.

How long should I stay in Marseille?

A 3-day trip would be ideal to visit the top attraction points of Marseille. 

Why should I visit Marseille?

Marseille offers a unique combination of Mediterranean culture with French understanding. The city’s spectacular texture is weaved by history and culture. 

Is Marseille an expensive city?

Compared to the other Western European cities, a visit to Marseille would cost less. As the city is not that cheap, you can avoid unnecessary expenses by booking your hotel in advance. 

Is Marseille a safe city?

Although the city is considered to be safe, it is always recommended to stay vigilant against pickpockets. The city is ranked 58th out of 162 cities on the ranking of the safest and the most dangerous countries. 

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