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Best Flight Deals to Iraq


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In ancient times, this land between the Rivers Tigris and Euphrates called Mesopotamia was known as the “Cradle of Civilisation”. Pegasus Airlines offers flights to Baghdad and Erbil, and whether you visit for business or leisure, we ensure that you will receivLocated at the cradle of civilizations, Iraq is a unique travel destination that awaits to be discovered in the Middle East. As the country is still at the phase of reconstruction, it welcomes visitors from all around the world with great enthusiasm and hospitality! Iraq is very rich in terms of historical and cultural treasures as well as natural resources. You can visit Iraq during the period of traditional festivities and get to know the local culture more in detail. The major Iraqi cities Erbil, Baghdad and Basra are very well connected with the availability of many frequent and economic flights from Istanbul. e excellent service.

Passengers from major Türkiye cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Trabzon can fly to Baghdad International Airport as well as Basra International Airport, Erbil Airport, or Sulaymaniyah Airport to reach Iraq. The public transport in Iraq is relatively limited, but it is still possible to get to most of the major cities.

Transportation to/from Iraq Airports

Baghdad, Basra and Erbil international airports are connected to the city centre by taxi or rent a car. Only, Baghdad Airport has a bus option for public transportation.

Public Transport

The public transport options in Iraq are somewhat limited, and most of the time, buses are not preferred to travel in the cities. Taxies or rental cars are the best ways to travel around the city for safety reasons. Further, it is better to travel with a local to avoid misunderstandings or problems during your stay in Iraq. Although the major cities such as Baghdad and Erbil are relatively safer, it is still best to avoid public transport options.

Is there a travel card for tourists?

There is no special travel card for tourists in Iraq. Travellers can buy public transport tickets to use the buses or pay in cash to use the minibus services that help move around the city. In most cases, travellers prefer taking a taxi that only accepts cash payment. Taxis might be a safer option when it comes to transportation in Iraq.

Transportation Between Cities in Iraq

The transportation between cities in Iraq can be done by private cars or buses. But most people prefer private cars due to safety reasons and spending less time on the road. Buses might take longer, and these buses in Iraq often do not follow a schedule. For this reason, travellers generally prefer private cars to transport between Baghdad, Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Mosul, or Basra.

Where to Stay in Iraq?

Three metropolitan cities Baghdad, Erbil and Basra offer a great range of accommodation options to visitors. There are a number of chain hotels as well as affordable options that are available in the city centers. Ankawa and the nearby districts are among the lively neighborhoods to stay in Erbil. The Green Zone/ International Zone of Baghdad is among the preferred places to stay in Baghdad partly for security purposes.

Alternatively, you can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines and get support to organize your trip in advance.



Top things to do in Iraq

Iraq offers a number of great things to do whether you would like to visit its historical sites or spend time exploring its beautiful landscape.  

  • See Citadel of Erbil: Constituting the cultural and historical center of the city, Citadel of Erbil is one of the most famous monuments with a long past dating back to Assyrian Empire. It has been listed in the World Heritage List since 2014.
  • Spend time at Shanadar Park: One of the prominent city parks in Erbil, Shanadar Park is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day for families. A green and peaceful haven right at the middle of the city, Shanadar Park offers a variety of things to do with its facilities including a restaurant and art gallery. Make sure to check out our Erbil Travel Guide to learn about more places to visit in the city.
  • Visit National Museum of Iraq: Home to a vast collection of antique artifacts and monuments, National Museum of Iraq is definitely among the must-see places to have a better understanding of the region’s history dating back to pre-Islamic times.
  • Explore the history of Ancient City of Babylon: One of the oldest settlements originating from the Ancient Mesopotamia, the city state of Babylon was situated in the southwest of Baghdad. Due to rising sea levels, most of the ruins could not be reached and there isn’t left much to see today. For further information on places to visit in Baghdad, you can have a look at the Baghdad Travel Guide.
  • River cruise on Shatt Al-Arab: As an important port city providing the main access point to Persian Gulf, Basra consists of a network of canals. In fact, it was known as “Venice of East” back in the old days. It is located at the banks of Shatt Al-Arab waterway. You can discover Basra through taking a cruise along Shatt Al-Arab River in order to get the best views of the city’s major highlights.

Make sure to check our “Iraq Travel Guide” in order to have further tips on general information and things to do in Iraq.

 Below you can find some useful tips to help you organize your trip to Iraq.

Things to Know Before Visiting Iraq

  Due to conservative tradition of the region, women may have to pay more attention to wearing modest clothes. High security controls are applied widely in all around country which aims at ensuring the surveillance level intact. Although, there are regional differences in terms of security conditions, Iraq is considered as a relatively safe place to visit nowadays. Nevertheless, it is always advised to be vigilant with your surroundings and keep an open eye.  

Essential Numbers

Please find below some key contact numbers that might be of use throughout your stay in  Iraq.

Country code: +964

Erbil area code: 066

Erbil International Airport: +964 66 281 0000

Baghdad area code: 1

Baghdad International Airport: +964 790 140 3537

Basra area code: 40

Basra International Airport: +964 750 962 9113

Police, Ambulance, Fire Service: 130

Airports in Iraq

We are providing flights to below mentioned airports in Iraq:

  • Erbil International Airport

One of the major transport centers in Iraq, the new Erbil International Airport is operational since 2010. It is situated approximately 7 km of the northeastern part of the city and connected to the city center via taxi and airport shuttle bus.  The shuttle buses are available on the parking area and provide free service to passengers on pre-designated time schedules.

  • Baghdad International Airport

Located approximately 16 km away from the city center, Baghdad International Airport is the major transport hub in Iraq’s capital.  The airport was opened in 1982 and have been renovated with a projected inclusion of three passenger terminals. It is easily accessible through buses, hotel shuttles and taxi.

  • Sulaymaniyah International Airport

Sulaymaniyah International Airport was opened in July 2003. It is Located approximately 15 km away from the city center.

Car Rental in Iraq

You can also rent a car with Pegasus privileges if you want to consider a more comfortable option for city transportation when you arrive in Iraq for business or leisure.



Have flights to Iraq restarted?

Yes, our flights to Iraq restarted.

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