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Including the historical texture of Europe, Moldova invites you to a pleasant journey with its unique nature, cathedrals, museums and festivals! Moldova is among the countries that host unique landscapes for those who want to visit to Eastern Europe. This small Northern country which has a fascinating atmosphere with its festivals, lush nature and remarkable historical buildings is waiting for you to experience a completely different travel experience with its peaceful and calm cities.

If you are looking for a unique holiday intertwined with nature and history among museums and cathedrals full of art and culture that accompany natural beauties, you can start your journey by purchasing a flight ticket immediately. If you are looking for cheap flight tickets, you can buy your affordable flight ticket by following our campaigns and early booking advantages.

Moldova is a beautiful country with forests, hills, archeological treasures, and delicious wine. It offers you both a relaxing and informative visit thanks to its refreshing countryside and various museums. After taking a Pegasus Airlines flight between Antalya Airport and Moldova Chisinau International airport, you can find different ways to transport from Moldova International Airport to the city centre. If you want to travel to one of the other cities in Moldova, you will also have different intercity transportation options.

Transportation To/From Moldova Chisinau International Airport

Moldova Chisinau International Airport is located 13 km away from the city centre, which can be reached via different transportation options. The public transport options to/from the Moldova Chişinău International Airport are trolleybus and minibus, which operate between the airport and Chişinău city centre.

Trolleybus line 30 operates between 06:00 a.m. to 10:59 p.m., and it is one of the most prefered options to travel to the city centre. This line begins at the airport, and its last stop is Ave. 31 August 1989.

Minibus line 156, which operates between 5:45 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., is another option to reach the airport or city centre. The minibusses on this line leave the city centre and airport every 10 minutes, providing a convenient transportation alternative. Their last stop is Ismail Rd.

In addition to these two options, it is possible to take a taxi or rent a car to travel between Moldova Chisinau International Airport and Chisinau city centre.

Public Transport

The public transport in Moldova consists of different trolleybus and bus lines. There is also a minibus service with a 15-people capacity called marshrutka in Chişinău as well as in other cities.

There are a total of 22 trolleybus lines in Chisinau which gives easy access to different areas around the cities. The main trolley bus lines are 2 bd. Traian – str. Pușkin which is a circular route, 9 Schinoasa 2 – Autogara Nord, 17 Schinoasa 2 – Gara, 25 str. Ceucari – str. 31 August 1989, 29 Universitatea Agrară – parcul "Ștefan cel Mare" and 30 Aeroportul Internațional Chișinău – str. 31 August 1989.

Is there a tourist travel card in Moldova?

There is no travel card for tourists in Moldova. Tourists can buy bus and trolley tickets like the locals. Minibusses often accept cash, so tourists can pay the minibus fee in cash, depending on their destination.

Transportation Between Cities in Moldova

The best way to travel between cities in Moldova is to take the interurban bus transport, operated by different companies such as Cernov Tvic. Intercity bus lines operate in cities such as Bender, Tiraspol, and Soroca. In some cases, renting a car might be a better option to reach smaller towns and villages in Moldova.


Moldova is one of the countries of choice for cultural tourism with its busy streets in the capital Chișinău, natural park areas and a history that symbolizes centuries of history. Moldova, which welcomes more visitors especially in the spring and summer periods is one of the ideal holiday routes for those who want to witness the enthusiasm of the festivals in the country.

Moldova offers 5-star hotels, boutique hotels and hostel alternatives to suit every budget and need for its visitors. Capital Kishinev is one of the most preferred regions in terms of accommodation. Accordingly, accommodation options are more diverse in the capital city of Chișinău compared to other cities.

You can plan your trip by evaluating hotel or hostel options for a comfortable and enjoyable trip to Moldova. You can check out the hotel booking page to find the most ideal accommodation options in Moldova.

Things to Do

Moldova is a relatively small country geographically located in the eastern part of Europe. This country, which is not sufficiently developed financially, is one of the ideal routes for those looking for culture and nature holidays in general. Besides, there are many buildings in Moldova such as cathedrals, towers, monuments and castles that reflect the historical texture very well. Also, Moldova manages to attract its visitors with its famous festivals.

If you are a lover of history tourism you can visit The Pushkin Museum for learning about modern Russian literature, Nativity Cathedral to witness the traces of the wars and National Museum Of Ethnography and Natural History to visit the oldest museum of the country. If you are interested in botanics the museum has a botanical garden. If you are keen on festivals you can visit Moldova for Wine Festival to taste the most delicious wines of the country and Gustar Festival for harvesting times of the grapes. When planning your trip to Moldova, you can find detailed information about places to visit, accommodation, food and drink in the detailed Moldova Travel Guide.

Useful Information

Pegasus Airlines can list some useful information and essential phones that will help you organize your trip to Moldova as follows.

Things to Know Before Visiting Moldova

  • Moldova has a continental climate, so the country experiences all four seasons. Winters are quite cold and snowy. Temperatures range from 5°C to -5°C degrees. While the average temperature is 20-25 °C in summer, the highest temperature can reach 40 °C.
  • Moldova's official language is Romanian. At the same time, Russian and in some ethnic regions Ukrainian languages are widely spoken in the country. In addition, in line with the education provided in schools and tourist visits, the rate of English being spoken in the country is high.
  • The official currency is Moldovan Leu in Moldova. But in the region of Transnistria that is considered an autonomous region, the ruble is used as currency.
  • There is a bargaining culture in the country. In this direction, you can buy what you want at more affordable prices by bargaining in your shopping.
  • Tap water is not drunk in Moldova; it is used only for cleaning needs. For this reason, you can consider to take bottle water with you for your trip.
  • You can plan your trip in October to participate in the famous wine festival of Moldova, which is famous for its local wines.

Essential Numbers

Country Code: +373

Police: 902

Ambulance: 903

Fire Service: 901

Chișinău International Airport: +373 22 525 111

Embassy of Chișinău: +373-22 509 100

Airports in Moldova

Pegasus Airlines lands at Chișinău International Airport for flights in Moldova. By choosing Pegasus Airlines you can land at Chișinău International Airport and go to the city center with a quick trip.

How to Get to The City Center from Chișinău International Airport?

Chișinău International Airport (KIV) is located 13 kilometers from Chișinău city center. After landing at the airport, you can get to the city center by using express bus service vehicles, trolley bus, minibus, taxi and car rental options.

Public transportation from Chișinău International Airport to the city center and from the city center to the airport is 2 types, namely express bus and minibus no 165. Express buses offer a transfer service for every 40 minutes between 07.00 and 19.00 on the Dimitrie Cantemir Square - Airport route. Minibus No 165 operates on the route of Ismail Rd. - Airport, for every 10 minutes from 05.30 to 21.55. Also, there are a total of 22 trolleybus lines in the city.

If you are looking for a faster transportation option to get from the airport to Chișinău, you can also prefer taxis. Taxis are waiting at the terminal exit gate and have offices inside the terminal building. You can also consider car rental alternatives for a more comfortable transportation.

You can find further information with the Chișinău International Airport Guide.


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