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Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco Travel Guide


Morocco is a culturally distant country than Europe although it is geographically an hour away by ferry from Spain. There are many exotic and unusual places waiting for you in Morocco, from modern cities and snowy Atlas Mountains to the medina streets and the Sahara Desert. You can take a closer look at this exotic and amazing country.

Morocco travel guide

General Information

Continent: Africa
Capital of Morocco: Rabat
Area: 446,550 km²
Country Code: MA
Language: Arabic, Berber
The difference between GMT: GMT+1
Telephone Code: +212
Domain Extension: .ma 
Currency:  Moroccan dirham (MAD)
Socket Type: C, E 220 V

The Capital of Morocco

Rabat, the capital of the country, contains everything such as history, culture, modern life, sea, religion, calmness and night life.

Morocco Currency

The official currency of the country is Moroccan dirham (MAD).

Official Language

The official language in Morocco is Arabic. In addition, the Berber language used by the Berbers and the sub-language Shelha are also spoken. French is used in official offices and Spanish is spoken in the northern part of the country.

Common Phrases:

Hello: salam

Bye: beslama

Good morning: sabah el kheyr

Good night: tesbah ala kheyr

This is delicious: hadshi bneen

Thank you: shokran

Yes: N’aam

No: la

Excuse me: smehlia


Located in the westernmost part of North Africa, Morocco is surrounded by Algeria, Western Sahara, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It separates from the European continent with the Strait of Gibraltar.


The country is ruled by the Parliamentary Monarchy as well as the House of Representatives and the House of Consultants.


As of 2019, the population of Morocco is 36,471,766.

Local Time

Morocco is located in the GMT+1 time zone.

Nature in Morocco

In the eastern and southern parts of Morocco, the areas with less than 100 mm of rainfall per year are desert. 100-200 mm rainy areas are covered with steppes of drought-resistant sparse grasses and bushes. On the other hand, the slopes of the Atlas Mountains, which receive especially sufficient rainfall, have a lush vegetation.

Climate of Morocco

There are three different types of climates in Morocco. Mediterranean climate in the north of the country, desert climate in the south and southeast, oceanic climate in the west (Atlantic ocean coast).

Economy and Livelihood

Morocco ranks fourth in the world phosphate production. Coal, lead, manganese, silver, bauxite, copper and oil are among the major underground resources extracted in the country. Tourism, animal husbandry, fertilizer, weaving and food are the main livelihoods of the country.

Travel to Morocco

Morocco is accessible by rail, sea and air. The distance between Istanbul and Casablanca is 4,472 km. You may prefer the airway for traveling comfortably. There are direct flights from Istanbul to Casablanca on certain days of the week. Flights from Istanbul to Mohammed V International Airport take an average of 4 hours and 40 minutes. No direct flights from Turkey to other cities of Morocco other than Casablanca. You can follow campaigns for Morocco flights and travel between two countries at attractive prices.

Transportation in Morocco

public transport in Morocco

There is no metro concept in Morocco, so you have the options of taxi, bus or walking. Taxi is usually used on the way to the airport or train station. In the central part of the city, which is called the medina, vehicle use is not allowed so you need to walk throughout your trip. Do not worry, because walking is actually best way to visit the cities in Morocco.

Transportation to Morocco Airports

You have 5 options: taxi, train, bus, car rental and airport shuttle to reach the city center from Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport.


Places to Visit in Morocco

Morocco is definitely on the route of travelers with its long history and deep culture. Rabat, Casablanca, Fes, Tangier and Marrakech are among the most frequently visited cities in the country. You take a look at the popular cities of Morocco.



Casablanca, the largest and most populous city in Morocco, is a magical city that has made its name all over the world with the world-famous film Casablanca. The city, which is the country's largest city with a population of more than 3.5 million, has gained importance in the 7th century when the ancient Berbers of Morocco turned the city into a capital. Casablanca, which draws attention with its architecture, nature and culture, is also an ideal place for holiday in summer.


Rabat Morocco

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is frequently visited by foreign tourists, although it is overshadowed by cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech. Rabat, which became the capital in 1912, is also home to the country's most important bureaucratic institutions. Besides, the old town of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Rabat is 110 km from the airport. It is possible to travel between the two by taxi or train.



With a population of approximately 1 million, Marrakech is one of the most known cities in the country. It is an extraordinary city with casinos, luxury hotels, mystic atmosphere and the old city town that welcomes one third of the foreign tourists coming to the country. Located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is also the (Berber) name of the country's international name, Morocco. Marrakech is around 200 kilometers from Casablanca. Train is the best way to get from Casablanca to Marrakesh. It takes 2h 40m.


Fes Morocco

Fes, Morocco's third largest city, is the capital before Rabat. Fes, one of the most authentic cities in Morocco, is known as the world's largest traffic-free city settlement. The Fes el Bali district, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is the old city square surrounded by walls. While exploring the labyrinth region, make sure to visit the Riad Mansions too. The distance between Fes and Casablanca is 260 km by train and 310 km by car.


Tangier Morocco

Tangier, the third most populous city in Morocco, was one of the most important cultural, economic and military centers of the Roman Empire for 200 years. Today, the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco. Tangier's main attractions are; Medina, Kasbah, Ville Nouvelle, St. Andrew's Church and Asilah. The distance between Tangier and Casablanca is approximately 300 km. You can get between the two cities by train, bus or car.

Where to Stay in Morocco?

where to stay in Morocco

There is no shortage of accommodation in Morocco and you may choose from a wide range of cheap and comfortable accommodation options in the country. In summer (July and August) there may be a shortage of places in major cities and resorts (Tangier, Fez, Marrakesh) and in large cities such as Rabat or Casablanca. At other times, you can easily pick a place in city hotels, hostels, luxury resorts or boutique houses.


What to Eat in Morocco?

Moroccan cuisine, influenced by Andalusian, Spanish, Arabic and French cuisines, has mouth-watering flavors.

Morocco Cuisine

Do not return without tasting these flavors in Morocco;

  • Tagine
  • Couscous
  • Beef with Prunes
  • Mechoui
  • Rfissa
  • Chebakkiya
  • Mint tea

Morocco Restaurants

  • La Grande Table Marocaine (Marrakesh)
  • Mes’Lalla (Marrakesh)
  • La Sqala (Casablanca)
  • Matsuri (Rabat)
  • Darori Resto (Fes)

Shopping in Morocco: Best Souvenirs to Buy

Moroccan leather is very different, special and makes you feel that it carries the culture inside. Clothing, shoes, wallets, bags and many other leather products are avaliable in bazaar. Traditional leather Babouche (shoe) have a lot of color and pattern options. It is often preferred due to its lively and exotic appearance as well as being very comfortable.

shopping in Morocco

One of the most beautiful things you can buy from Morocco is carpets and rugs. But before buying them, make sure to negotiate. If you like the designs of carpets or rugs but their size and prices are intimidating, you should take a look at the pillowcases. It is a great gift especially for decoration lovers and is very easy to carry.

Spices are an important part of the Moroccan culture. You can find spices such as ginger, saffron, black pepper and cinnamon in Moroccan markets. You may also choose handmade lanterns that are a great choice for lighting and decoration.

The traditional caftan Djellaba is used by both men and women. If you like to look different and exotic, you can definitely take a look at these clothes.

Things to Know Before Visiting Morocco

  • Stay away from strangers who offer free tours or directions.
  • Prefer professional guides for city tour.
  • Learn to Haggle for shopping.
  • Don't forget to have Moroccan Dirham with you.


There is no shortage of places at night in Morocco. Casablanca and Marrakech are the most lively cities of nightlife. You may be interested in cafés, bars, special events and fascinating entertainment options. If you want more, you can also choose casinos, nightclubs and strip clubs.

Holidays in Morocco

  • Independence Day (January 11)
  • National Day (May 23)
  • Youth Day (July 9)
  • King's Coronation Day (July 30)
  • National Day (August 14)
  • National Day (August 20)
  • National Day (November 6)
  • Independence Day (November 18)

Festivals in Morocco

  • Kelaa-des-Mgouna Rose Festival (May, Tinghir)
  • Fes Festival of World Sacred Music (Spring, Fes)
  • Marrakesh Popular Arts Festival (Summer, Marrakesh)
  • Imilchil Marriage Festival (September, Imilchil)
  • Jazzablanca (April, Casablanca)

Visa Requirements

Visitors are exempt from visa for their stay of up to 90 days in Morocco if they hold a valid passport for 6 months from the date of entry. It is important that the forms given at the entrance and exit of the country are filled in correctly and completely.

You can learn the details of the Morocco visa application process from the "Morocco Visa Guide" article.

FAQ About Morocco

What are the emergency numbers in Morocco?

Emergency/Ambulance/Fire Department: 15 Police: 19 or 112 Gendarmerie Royale: 177

Is there a Turkish representative in Morocco? Where?

Yes, there is a Turkish representative in Rabat.

Address: Abdelkrim Benjelloun str, No:7 10010 Rabat - Morocco

Number: +212 537 66 15 22/44

Fax: +212 537 66 04 76

E-mail: ambassade.rabat@mfa.gov.tr

Is credit card valid for purchases?

Credit cards are used in big stores, hotels and restaurants but most small markets, street shops and taxis do not accept credit cards. In this case, be prepared to pay in local currency.

Is alcohol allowed in Morocco?

There is no advertising of alcohol in Morocco. You don't come across the local people drinking alcohol. But it is legal to sell alcohol to foreigners. You can only find alcohol in some luxury hotels, bars and black markets.

Is Morocco safe?

Most Moroccans are friendly and honest, but in a big city, especially in crowded places like markets and bazaars, you should beware of pickpockets.


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