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BolPoints Detail
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What is BolBol?
What is BolBol?

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Travel Glossary

Travel Glossary

Temporary Passport

Temporary Passport

 What is a Temporary Passport (Pink Passport)?

*Please note that the information on this page is intended for the use of citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

A temporary passport or a pink passport is a travel document that Turkish citizens abroad can obtain from Turkish foreign representative offices (consulates). Temporary passports are valid only for 1 month in cases such as passport loss, passport expiration, and deportation. In similar emergency cases, a temporary passport can be issued according to the assessment to be made by the Turkish embassy. It is colored pink with only one page and will be taken away from you as soon as you enter Turkey. 

Where To Get a Temporary Passport (for Turkish citizens)

A temporary passport is obtained from Turkish embassies in your country. In case of a diplomatic passport (black passport), regular passport (maroon passport), special passport (green passport) or service passport (gray passport) loss, theft or damage, you can obtain a temporary passport as long as your application is accepted by the consulate.

How to Get a Temporary Passport (for Turkish citizens)

In order to apply for a temporary passport due to loss and theft, you must first go to the police department responsible for your area and to file a police report. You can apply for a temporary passport with your police record and ID by going to the Turkish embassy. 

How Much is the Temporary Passport Fee? (for Turkish citizens)

No book fee or extra charges are required for this passport issued in case of an emergency. Such passports are one-time and you can only use them for your return to Turkey. You hand it over to the police officers upon arrival. Therefore, you will not be charged a service fee. 

Required Documents for Temporary Passport for Turkish Citizens

If you will apply for a temporary passport, you must have these documents with you. Depending on your condition, foreign agencies may request additional documents from you.

  • Two 5 cm x 6 cm photographs
  • Identity card
  • Police report in case of passport loss

Pay Attention to These If You Have Lost Your Passport

If you have lost your passport on your visit abroad or if you need a travel document in case of an urgent medical condition (death, etc), you can apply for a temporary passport. You must keep in mind that a temporary passport only gives Turkey a one-time entry. In other words, if you need to transfer from your location to Turkey, border officials of the country you are transferring to, have the right to not to accept you into the country. Therefore, it would be more accurate to return to Turkey with a direct flight. You cannot transfer to another country with a temporary passport. A pink passport is a travel document valid for only 1 month, but it is recommended to return to Turkey as soon as possible. 

If you have lost your passport and returned to the country, you can enter the country without waiting in line. Specifying this to the passport control officers at the airport is enough. 

I Lost My Passport. Is My Visa Still Valid? 

When you lose your passport, your visa becomes invalid.  

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