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BolPoints Detail
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What is BolBol?
What is BolBol?

For inquiries and questions related to BolBol, you can call our toll-free call center att 0 (850) 399 17 016


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For inquiries and questions related to BolBol, you can call our toll-free call center at 0 (850) 399 17 01.

Travel Glossary

Travel Glossary

Regular Passport

regular passport

What is a Regular Passport (Maroon-coloured Passport)? (for Turkish citizens)

*Please note that the information on this page is intended for the use of citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

A regular passport is a type of passport given to Turkish citizens who meet certain requirements. Regular passports are issued by the Department of Home Affairs, authorized governorships or Turkish consulates. It is also referred to as a maroon-colored passport due to its color. Regular passport holders can enter countries not requiring a visa directly bu using their passports. The regular passport has 38 pages and issued visas can be seen on these pages. Depending on the demand, the passport durations can cover a period of 6 months to 10 years. 

What Does Regular Passport Mean? 

It's for public and it can be used by everyone as there are no special requirements to hold this passport. 

How to Get a Regular Passport (for Turkish citizens)

If you have completed the necessary requirements and documents to apply for a regular passport, you can directly apply to the district registry offices with or without an appointment. Click here to apply online. Foreign countries can apply through the consulates. Passport applications must be made in person regardless of the age difference. 

Necessary Documents for Regular Turkish Passports 

If you want to apply for a regular passport, you must complete the following documents. We recommend you to make an online appointment to start the application process to save time. 

  • Republic of Turkey ID card or temporary ID card
  • Fee receipts (students under the age of 25 are exempt from the passport fee)
  • 2 biometric photos
  • Student certificate not exceeding 60 days (it is required for students wishing to get a regular passport)
  • Certificate of consent for minors or persons with disabilities
  • Old passport if available

How much is the Passport Book and Passport Fee? (for Turkish citizens)

You can visit the relevant page for the total fees.  List of the banks you can make your payments:

  • Akbank 
  • Activebank 
  • Albaraka 
  • Turkish Participation Bank 
  • Alternative Bank 
  • Anadolubank
  • Arab Turkish Bank
  • Citibank
  • Denizbank 
  • BurganBank 
  • FibaBank
  • Finansbank 
  • Garanti Bank 
  • HSBC Bank 
  • ING Bank 
  • Kuwait Turkish Participation Bank 
  • Odeabank 
  • Şekerbank 
  • T.C. Ziraat Bank 
  • ICBC Turkey Bank Inc. 
  • TurkishBank 
  • Turkland Bank 
  • Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) 
  • Turkish Financial Participation Bank 
  • People's Bank of Turkey 
  • Turkish Business Bank 
  • Turkish Foundations Bank 
  • Building and Credit Bank
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