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Albania Travel Guide

Albania Travel Guide


Albania, officially known as the Republic of Albania and known as a key country in the Balkans, attracts thousands of tourists every year. The Republic of Albania, full of unique beauties, is a country where nature and history lovers meet. With its excellent Mediterranean atmosphere and beautiful architectural structures, the historic Albanian streets await you.

Albania travel guide

General Information

Language Albanian
Capital of Albania Tirana
Location South Europe
Local Time GMT+2
Currency Unit Albanian Lek
Type of Socket C, F
Annual Average Temperature 16.5°C
Climate Mediterranean and continental 
Area 28.748 km²
Endemic Forests

Official Language 

The official language of Albania is Albanian, but since Albanians generally learn to speak more than one language; Italian, English, Greek and German are also spoken in the country.

Common Phrases

  • Good Morning: Mirëmëngjesi
  • How are you?: Si jeni?
  • How can I go to X?: Si mund ta arrij x?
  • Thank you: Faleminderit

Capital of Albania

The capital of the country, Tirana, is also the largest city in the country.

Annual Average Temperature

The average annual temperature is 16.5 degrees Celsius in Albania, where the winter months are mild and rainy and the summers are hot and dry.


Forests and maquis form the vegetation of Albania.

Location of Albania

Albania is a country in the Balkans. Its neighbors are Montenegro in the north, Kosovo in the northeast, Northern Macedonia in the east and Greece in the south. In addition, the country has the Adriatic Sea in the west and the Ionian Sea in the southwest.

Best Time to Visit Albania

Though the climate vary from region to region in Albania, mostly Mediterranean Climate is seen over the country. This is why, summers are generally hot while winters are warm and rainy. If you are planning to go to Albania for a swimming holiday, the best time to go is May or June. Otherwise, best time to visit Albania is September or April. Since Albania has many beaches and natural beauties, it is better to stay in Albania at least for four days if you are going for a swimming holiday.  But if you are going in September or April, three days will be enough for your visit.

Arnavutluk'a ne zaman gidilir

How to Get to Albania?

The easiest alternative to go Albania is by plane. Pegasus Airlines operates direct and indirect flights to Tirana, the capital of Albania. You can fly to Tirana International Airport from İstanbul. Pegasus provides the most affordable and comfortable flights for you. 

Public Transportation in Albania

In Tirana, the Albanian capital, city transport is provided by buses and taxis. In this country that does not have a developed transportation infrastructure, so you don’t have many options for urban transportation.

Transportation from the Airport to the City Center

You can reach the city center from Tirana International Airport, which is 11 km away from the city center, by taxi, shuttle vehicles or buses. You can reach the city center with a comfortable journey that will take about 20-30 minutes and you can enjoy your holiday.


Places to Visit in Albania

When you visit Albania, a lot of places are waiting for you to visit, especially in the city of Tirana. You can visit the country and enjoy the history as well as the natural beauties.

Iskender Bey Statue

This statue, which is in the center of the city, is a structure on which the founder of the city, İskender Bey, stands on a horse. This statue is also close to many sights.

Tirana National Historical Center

Opened in 1981, this museum is one of the most important symbols of Tirana. You can also learn about the history of Albania by studying the artifacts in this museum. This museum, which has more than 3000 works, also includes manuscripts and maps.

Ethem Bey Mosque

This mosque was built by Ethem Bey, a politician and cultural figure living in Albania in the 18th century. This mosque was one of the rare mosques built during the Ottoman period. This building, which was turned into a museum in 1966, is waiting for your visit.

Clock Tower

This building, which is 35 meters high, the tallest building in Tirana and built by Ethem Bey, is the most important symbol of Tirana. You can reach the top of the clock tower and admire the breathtaking view of Tirana.


Bunker, Albania's underground shelters, was built to protect the country from possible nuclear attacks during the time of Enver Hoxha. You should definitely visit these bunkers.

Where to Stay in Albania?

Arnavutluk'ta nerede kalınır?

If you are looking for a place to stay when you’re visiting to Albania, budget hotels are available for visitors. In Tirana, you can go to Blloku and Don Bosco, search for hotels, choose the hotel that best fits your budget and spend your holiday in the most comfortable way.


What to Eat in Albania?

    Albania has many traditional dishes which are also famous all around the world. Along these dishes are patties, Albanian style liver, casserole dishes or Elbasan Tava which mostly consist of the combination of meat and paste . The meals are not bitter or spicy. Instead, they are usually saltly and consumed with tomato, cucumber, olive oil or various vegetables. 

Albanian Food

  • Spiced Mutton Liver
  • Byrek
  • Elbasan Tava
  • Tavë Kosi

Albanian Restaurants

  • Sofra e Ariut / Tirana
  • II Marchese / Elbasan
  • Era Vila / Tyrant
  • UFO Cae/Tyrant
  • Tribeca Tirena Cafe/Tyrant
  • Radia Bar/Tyrant

Shopping in Albania: Best Souvenirs to Buy

Arnavutluk'ta alışveriş

If you are visiting Albania and don't know what to buy, here are some tips. You can buy traditional or crafts from the Kruja bazaar, display them at home or gift them to your loved ones. Or you can buy various magnets and handmade covers.

Things to Know Before You Visit Albania

  • Shaking the head, which is generally known as yes everywhere, means no in Albania. 
  • You don't have to be afraid to go to this country, as it is known to be quiet and safe. 
  • No vaccination is required at entry and exit.

Nightlife in Albania

When you go to Albania, it is possible to experience the nightlife to the fullest after visiting the sights all day. Especially in Tirana, which has a very lively and active nightlife, you can find many bars or live music clubs. If you choose, you can make a reservation and have a quiet and romantic dinner and enjoy your night.

Holidays in Albania

  • Summer Day Break (14 March)
  • Nowruz (22 March)
  • Easter (25-28 March)
  • Labor Day (1 May)
  • Ramadan Feast
  • Sacrifice Day
  • Mother Teresa Day (19 October) 
  • Independence Day (November 28)
  • Freedom Day (November 29)
  • Noel (24-26 December)

Festivals in Albania

  • Pagan Summer Festival (March 14)
  • Gjirokaster International Artistic Music Festival (History changes every 5 years)
  • Eng Kenga Magjike Music Festival

Visa Requirements

Most nationalities require a visa to enter Albania. You can check for your nationality here. For Turkish citizens, Service Passport, Private Passport and Diplomatic Passport holders are usually not required to apply for a visa to the Albanian Consulate for trips not exceeding 90 days from the date of their arrival in the State of Albania within 180 days of travel. 

You can learn the details of the Albanian visa application process from the "Albania Visa Information" article.

FAQ About Albania

What are the emergency numbers in Albania?


Fire Department:18


Is there a Turkish representative in Albania? Where?

Address: Ambasada Turke, Rruga e Elbasanit Nu:65 Tyrant/Albania 

Nu: 355 4 238 0350/355 4 238 0351/355 4 238 0352/355 4 238 0353

Fax: 355 4 234 77 67

Mail: embassy.tiranna@mfa.gov.tr

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