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The Netherlands is a very flat country as about 25% of the country lies below sea level and is also well known for its colourful tulip fields, the windmills and the nice canals (also known as ‘Grachten’) all around the country. It is also rich in culture and art, as many famous painters are born in the Netherlands, like Rembrandt and van Gogh.


General Information About Netherlands

Continent: Europe
Capital of Netherlands: Amsterdam
Country Code: NL
Language: Dutch
The difference between GMT: GMT/UTC+1
Telephone Code: +31
Domain Extension: .nl
Currency: Euro

Official language

The official language in the Netherlands is Dutch.


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. The government is located in The Hague.

The Population of the Netherlands

In January 2019 the population in the Netherlands was approximately 17.29 Million.


The Netherlands is located in the north-west of Europe. You will find the North Sea at its border in the north and in the west, Germany in the east and Belgium in the south

Local time of the Netherlands

The local time in the Netherlands is GMT/UTC +1. As daylight savings time is applied in the Netherlands, the time zone from March till October is GMT/UTC +2.

Currency in the Netherlands

The currency used in the Netherlands is the Euro (€). 100 Cents equals 1 Euro.

Notes come in denominations of €5, €10, €20 €50 €100 and €50.
Coins come in 1ct, 2ct, 5ct, 10ct, 20ct, 50ct, €1 and €2.

The Climate in the Netherlands

Due to its location in the North Sea, the climate in the Netherlands is moderate and maritime. So the summers are not too hot, and the winters are mild with low-temperature fluctuations.

Netherland travel guide

Vegetation in the Netherlands

Unfortunately, was the natural vegetation of the Netherlands influenced and changed by humans. There are only a few original areas like some dune landscapes in the coastal areas and some moors left. Most of the original birch-oak-woods have been replaced by heathland with pines.

The Dutch Cuisine

The Netherlands has far more to offer than just cheese. If you are in the Netherlands, do not miss to try some of the local specialties like ‘Stamppot’ a soup with mashed potatoes and various vegetables. The Dutch love soups in every kind. Another favourite is ‘Erwentsoep’, a soup made of peas. It is served with smoked sausages and rye bread.

Have some ‘Poffertjes’ (a sort of sweet and small pancakes) or ‘Stroopwafels’ (thin wafers with caramel filling) for dessert.

In the bigger cities like Amsterdam and The Hague, you will also find a wide selection of international restaurant.

Travel to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is easy to reach. You can go there by car, bus, train, plane, and ship. It is accessible by nearly all sort of transportation. Of course, the fastest and most comfortable way of traveling to the Netherlands is by plane. As there are several international airports available you will surely find reasonable flight tickets to your chosen destination.

Places to Visit in the Netherlands


Amsterdam has many sites to offer. The city itself is a highlight in its own. The many canals which lead through the whole city and the old houses form an absolute romantic city view. Enjoy this wonderful place during a boat trip through the canals or visit one of the numerous museums.


The Van Gogh Museum must be seen if you are interested in arts. This museum holds most of the famous paintings of the artist.

The Rijksmuseum is the national museum of the Netherlands and offers a wide range of paintings of many well-known painters like Rembrandt, handcrafts, and history to its visitors.

The Anne Frank House is a museum dedicated to the young and fearless Jewish girl Anne Frank, who dared to stand up to the Nazis. Anne and her family hid in this house for more than two years and wrote her famous diary there.


The Keukenhof is also called the Garden of Europe. Especially in spring, you can see thousands of colourful flowers in this park. And of course, you will also find a huge selection of tulips.


Efteling is the largest theme park in the Netherlands. Many families enjoy their holidays here using the numerous funfair attractions or visiting the shows in the park.


This is the most modern city in the Netherlands. In the city centre you will find more than one hundred buildings that are higher than 50 meters. Sometimes the city is even called ‘Manhattan of Maas’.

Kasteel de Haar

You will find this fairy-tale castle near Utrecht. It is located within a splendid garden with lakes. Visitors can enter the garden, the cellar and the rooms on the first floor and dive into the luxury of the noble family Zuylen, who used to live here.


The windmills are legendary in the Netherlands. The beautiful windmills of Kinderdijk belong to the UNESCO WOLRD Heritage and are embedded in a stunning landscape. Explore this wonderful site by bike or just have a relaxing walk along the river.

Things you need to know before traveling to the Netherlands

  • Ensure that your passport is valid at least for the length of your stay.
  • Check visa requirements at your embassy. You can learn the details of the Netherlands visa application process from the "Netherlands Visa Guide" article.
  • The Netherlands belongs to the Schengen area and therefore offers Schengen-Visa.
  • 112 is the official emergency number for The Netherlands.
  • Children need to have their own passport. Entries in the parents’ passport are not valid.
  • The Netherlands requires a visa for some countries. You can check with your local Dutch embassy or the official website of the Dutch Federal Foreign Office if you will need a visa and how you can apply for it.

Holidays and Festivals in the Netherlands

Easter – The Dutch celebrated Easter with colored eggs and several customs like a visit in the furniture store and ‘Eitje tik’, which is a contest where two opponents tap boiled eggs against each other. The one whose egg cracks first loses the game.

25th to 26th December: Christmas Day- The celebration of Christmas in The Netherlands has become more and more popular in the last years. In former times Christmas was celebrated on the 5th of December. Now, most families celebrate on the 25th of December with presents and opulent dinners.

31st December: New Year’s Eve – The Dutch celebrate the last and the first day of the year, which they call ‘Oud en Nieuw’ (means old and new). All across the country are several parties. The major ones can be found in Amsterdam.

Bevrijdingsfestival – takes place on the 5th of May every year and is for free. On this day the Dutch celebrate the liberation from the German occupation in the 2. World War. You will find various festivals all across the country.

Kingsday – is on the 26th or 27th April. For the celebration of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday, several festivals take place. The most popular event on that day is the SLAM!FM party in Alkmaar. The prices of the tickets are very reasonable so it is definitely worth a visit.

DGTL Amsterdam – This is one of the most important House and Techno-Festivals in the World. Most DJs confess that their show during this festival was the most special one in their lives.

The Holland Festival – is the largest and oldest festival in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1947 and takes place yearly in Amsterdam at the beginning of June. It offers contemporary shows from opera, film, theatre, and music.

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