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Kuwait Travel Guide

Kuwait Travel Guide


Kuwait, officially known as the State of Kuwait, is one of the countries in the western part of continental Asia. The country is rich due to its oil reserves, as many of its neighbours. The number of tourists visiting this beautiful gem has been rapidly increasing each year.

 Kuwait travel guide

Kuwait General Information

Language Arabic
Capital Kuwait
Location Arabian Peninsula
Local Time GMT+3
Currency Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)
Socket Type Type A
Average Yearly Temperature 25
Climate Desert Climate
Surface Area 17.820 km2
Regime Monarchy
Means of Livelihood Petrol
Country Code 965


The capital of Kuwait is the city of Kuwait with the same name of the country.


The desert climate is dominant in Kuwait. Consequently, the springs are mild and the winters are cold. Moreover, it is possible to see sandstorms because of the winds in the summers. In summers the temperature could increase up to 54 degrees and the humidity is generally high in the country.

Surface Area

The surface area of the country is 17,818 km2 Located on flat land on the Persian Gulf coast, Kuwait,  with 90 per cent, is located along the coastline.

Means of Livelihood

Today, Kuwait is the 5th richest country in the world. The country owes its wealth to its huge oil reserves. On the other hand, the country has the most valuable currency in the world.


The official language of the country is Arabic. However, since there are many foreigners in the country, English is considered as the second language.

Where is Kuwait?

Kuwait is one of the Arab states in the Middle East. It is situated in the northern edge of eastern Arabia and located at the tip of the Persian Gulf. Its neighbours are Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Best Time to Visit

Due to the fact that summers are pretty hot in Kuwait, it mostly is not recommended to visit during this season. The temperature decreases to 18 degrees during the period between November and April, and would be ideal for traveling. However the tourists visit the country throughout the year and they can find different beauties to discover in every season.

How to Get to Kuwait?

It’s possible to find a flight to Kuwait almost everyday from Istanbul. With Pegasus Airlines the journey will take about 3 hours to the Kuwait Airport from Istanbul. You can get your tickets here.

Public Transportation in Kuwait

With its rich transportation systems, Kuwait provides great convenience to the locals and the tourists. Kuwait Public Transport Company buses are usually preferred in the country. On the other hand, taxis are the most common transportation option in Kuwait. Moreover, taxi fees are quite cheap due to the oil reserves in the country. In addition to those options,  you can also rent a car in Kuwait.


Transportation from Kuwait International Airport to the City Center

There are various ways to get to the city center in Kuwait. You can take a cab, get on a bus, or directly rent a car from the airport. In case you prefer to go by bus, which is the most economic option, you can take bus number 51. It takes approximately 30 minutes to go to the city center. On the other hand, you can take a taxi, which costs approximately 5 or 6 dinars in total for your trip.

Places to Visit in Kuwait

While visiting Kuwait, you can find various places to visit and activities to do for entertainment. Before going to Kuwait, we recommend you to browse through our guide and make your travel plans accordingly. Here are the places you should see in Kuwait;

Kuwait Science Center

The science center has the biggest aquarium in the Middle East. It is also one of the biggest buildings in the region for scientific research. It is located in an area of 80 thousand square meters. Moreover, Salmiya operates as a training centre in the Gulf region and attracts attention with its collection of Arabic calligraphy and examples of Islamic art.

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers

The towers, one of the symbols of Kuwait, were opened in 1979. These three major towers are considered the symbol of Kuwait. Architecturally, the towers look like minarets. The main tower is 187 meters long and passes through two spheres. There is also a restaurant in these spheres.

Masjid al-Kabir

This Masjid is the biggest mosque in the country. It has a 45 thousand square meters surface and ten thousand people can worship in the mosque at the same time. It continues to fascinate its visitors with its decorations within the stunning architecture, which are representing the 99 names of Allah.

Mirror House

Mirror House is the place that offers a fairy tale like experience. Due to this experience and being adorned with mirrors, it is a popular tourist attraction.

Where to Stay in Kuwait?

Kuwait welcomes guests from all over the world throughout the year and has accommodation options to suit different budgets and styles. As the city center is close to many touristic locations, it can be a good idea to book a place there. Dasman is also close to the Persian Gulf; or Mirqab, where you can see the local life closely, or the Jibla District with museums and mosques, all of these places are good options for accomodation.


What to Eat in Kuwait?

Due to being located in the Middle East, Kuwait reflects the culture of the region with its dishes. Traditionally, people in Kuwait mostly consume meat and rice. In addition, the country is considered rich in terms of seafood. Fish species such as Gugurfan, Beyah, Shehan, Zubadi are among the most popular options. Fish are usually consumed by cooking in steam and oven. Olives, cheese, eggs and tea are consumed for breakfast. Moreover, fried meat can be found on the tables. In terms of beverages, Kuwaiti loves coffee as well as tea. It is possible to run into places that offer various kinds of coffee and tea in Kuwait. Here are the recommendations to try in Kuwait;

  • Local Cuisine: Mais Alghanim
  • Seafood: Fish Market
  • International cuisine: P.F. Chang's

Shopping in Kuwait: Best Souvenirs to Buy

The souvenir shops in Kuwait offer various stuff to buy for yourself and your beloved ones. The country doesn’t really have a specific souvenir, yet you can find several objects to purchase. The country also has lots of shopping malls, boutiques, and retailers for shopping.

Things to Know Before Visiting Kuwait

  • Kuwait ranks 31st in the list of countries with the highest human development index. The national income in the country is quite high.
  • Most of the country is the Arabian Desert.
  • There are more than 300 endemic bird species in Kuwait.
  • Coffee culture is common in the country, it is considered rude to refuse coffee. If you don't want to drink another cup after the coffee is finished, you can indicate that you will not drink it by leaving some coffee at the bottom of your cup.
  • Life in Kuwait is shaped according to Sunni Islam. However, there is no repressive and prescriptive regime. Women are free to dress as they wish. Men have the option to marry more than one woman.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in the country.
  • Kuwait is a trade center. The majority of the population consists of foreign workers.

Nightlife in Kuwait

nighlife in Kuwait

Due to the fact that alcohol is prohibited in the country, the nightlife in Kuwait is not that dynamic. Furthermore, most of the places are closed at 11.00 PM. You can enjoy the calm and authentic atmosphere of the country, as it is something extraordinary for the visitors from the western countries.

Holidays in Kuwait

  • National Holiday: February 25-26
  • Religious Holidays: Sacrifice Feast, Ramadan Feast, Hijri New Year, Hz. Muhammad's birthday
  • New Year: New Year's Eve is not counted as a public holiday in Kuwait, but January 1st is declared as a holiday.

Festivals in Kuwait

  • National Day Activities: February 27
  • Hala (Spring) Festival: February
  • Independence Day: February 26
  • Hijri New Year: 1st Day of Muharram

Visa Requirements

Some countries citizens are required to apply for a visa to travel to the country. Kuwait does not accept visitors who have Israel visa in their passport. To find out if you need a visa for your nationality, please check here.

You can learn the details of the Kuwait visa application process from the "Kuwait Visa Guide" article.

FAQ about Kuwait

When are the working days in Kuwait?

Unlike many places, in Kuwait, the first day of the week is Saturday. Thursday and Friday are holidays.

Hows common is English in Kuwait?

Although Kuwait is an Arabic speaking country, English is widely spoken in the country. English speakers can easily visit the country. The locals are warm to tourists, so those who do not speak their language can also have a pleasant holiday.

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